S2 Chapter 3: Spriggan Returns!!

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Tw: Violence, Moderate to Major Blood and Death! Reader discretion is probably advised! You have been warned! Oki enjoy the chapter! :p


*Athena and Aiga watched as both Shu and Boa were stood in front of a stadium, pretty much implying that they were about to battle. Athena ran over and Shu looked at her with a bit of surprise*

Athena: Shu what are you doing here?

Shu: I came here because there will be Sparking Legend Tour exhibition battles held soon so i came here as fast as i could and i saw Boa was here so for old times sake, i'm going to face off with him.

*Boa held up his Sparking Bey: Panic Bahamut as Shu looked towards him in a bit of surprise as he saw the serious and fierce look on his face*

Shu: That determination... he's changed a lot since then, but let's see if that new Bahamut can stand up to Spriggans power once again.

*Athena walks over to the stadium to be referee of the battle*

Athena: Alright First Battle!!

Shu: Boa knows most of my tricks and he has felt the power of one my Slash moves before so he's probably found a way to counter World Slash.. Defense could work but Bahamut seems to have more stamina... i'll have to risk it and go with Right Spin Defense Mode, i'll just have to pray that Boa somehow mislaunches..

Boa: World Spriggan, the last time i faced Spriggan was in the God Bladers Cup and it didn't end well for me.. hopefully this battle will be a bit of redemption from that time. Knowing Shu, he'll probably play it safe with defense mode and wait for me to run out of stamina.. little does he know thats not going to work!

Athena: Ready and Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Spriggan took the center first as Bahamut was on approach*

Boa: So you did go on the defensive, well it wont work!!

*Bahamut clashes with Spriggan with full power as it tried to force it out of the center*

Shu: Block them with World Spin!

*Spriggans free spin chassis was able to negate Bahamuts attack and was actually keeping it at bay without budging at all*

Boa: Not bad but do you think you have the stamina to keep that up?

Shu: Thanks to my defenses, Bahamut isn't making contact with Spriggan whatsoever so i don't have to worry about stamina loss.

*Bahamut gets away and it rushes up the stadium for another blow*

Boa: Tear them apart, Panic Crush!

*Bahamut lands a devastating blow on Spriggan and sent it flying back! grinding against the rubber on its Unite' driver, Spriggan began to speed up as an aura of fire began to trail behind it*

Shu: World Slash!!

*Spriggan slams into Bahamut as a gold beam of light appears at the chassis of Bahamut and it goes flying into the air and out of the stadium, resulting in the first point going to Shu*

Boa: Tch..

Athena: And that's World Spriggan with an Over Finish! 1 Point is awarded to Shu Kurenai!

Shu: Not bad but you're not there just yet.

*Boa looked at Shu angrily as he clutched his bey within his hand tightly*

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