S2 Chapter 1: New Start! Adeona Evolves!! (Season 2 Start)

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*It had been 1 Month after the events of Athena VS Lane, The Valhalla Private Jet lands on the runway of an airport in Japan. A few minutes later, Athena jumps out and looks over the landscape she missed so much. Athena had physically grown a bit since she had last visited Japan so it really brought back a ton of memories from when she used to train here*

Athena: Ah.. so good to be back!

*She ran out of the airport and ran through Japan to the one place where she knew she would find her friends: The Sparking Arena!*

Athena: I can't wait to tell everyone about the battle i had with Lane! I also can't wait to have all sorts of cool battles with everyone again!!!

*Athena ran as fast as she could to the arena! When she got there, She saw Legendary Bladers, Valt Aoi, Aiga Akaba, Sisco Karlisle, Rantaro Kiyama, Wakiya Murasaki and 2 other bladers she hardly recognized*

Athena: I'M BACK GUYS!!!

*Everyone turned toward the entrance and saw Athena standing in the doorway*

Aiga: Athena!! You're here!!!

Sisco: Look who finally made it.

Valt: I knew she'd come back!!

Rantaro: Well if it isn't the White Star herself!!

Athena: Yep that's me!

Valt: You're just in time, Wakiya is about to tell us some news and i think you're gonna like it.

Wakiya: Yes, She is just in time. Athena you're gonna like what you're about to hear.

Athena: Go on.

Wakiya: The WBBA decided to expand S-Rank past #15 to #17 so bladers in the top of A-Rank are now to the Legend Status and i'll explain why thats major here in a second, Athena, you and Lane are officially Legendary Bladers.

Athena: Wait what?!

Sisco: Ha, you've earned it kid.

Aiga: Yeah, The higher-ups recognized you and Lanes strength and that's what lead to this decision.

Valt: Congratulations Athena, you really deserved this.

*Athena smiled as she held her bey within her hand, she couldn't believe she was actually apart of the blading legends now*

Athena: Thank you all so much for this, i can't believe the WBBA actually took such an interest in us..

Wakiya: And the reason why this is major is because you both have a spot secured in the Sparking Legend Tour!!

Athena: The what Tour??

Valt: It's a new tournament started by the WBBA and only bladers in S-Rank are allowed to compete so it's probably a good thing that you're now one of us if you're excited to participate.

Wakiya: The tournament begins in a month so everyone has time to prepare and train. This is gonna be a really big event so that's why we're allowing everyone to take the time to train as hard as you need to be at the top of y'alls game.

Athena: This is incredible, i'm officially a legendary blader and i have a spot in possibly one of the biggest Beyblade events in history.. this is just so incredibly cool!

Valt: Oh yeah that reminds me, i'd like to introduce 2 bladers who you may have heard of before.

*the 2 bladers Athena saw earlier stood behind Valt as they looked at her and smiled*

Valt: Athena, i'd like you to meet Daina Kurogami and Phi.

*The 2 bladers smiled and waved at her, Athena waved back as she looked between the 2 bladers*

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