Chapter 51: Grand Finale! Athena VS Lane!! (Season 1 Finale)

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*Athena looks at Lane as his Flare burned and rised, Athena held up her bey to Lane as she smiled brightly*

Athena: You see Lane! This is the power of our bonds and Flare!

Lane: A bond you say? Oh what a quaint little notion!

*Lane loses his mind and laughs like an absolute maniac, his laugh echoing across the arena. He resets his bey back to its original state as it began to emit a purple light*

Lane: Well Lucifer, it seems Adeona is worthy prey for you after all.

*He looks up and stares at his sister as the purple mist swirled around him*

Lane: Well done, i must give you my compliments for making it this far.. HOWEVER, that so called bond between you and Adeona will severed right here and now.. by Lucifer and yours truly!!

*a veil of fire rises behind Lane as the eyes of Lucifer peek through the flames. Athena takes a step back in fear*

Athena: Whats he doing?!

*Athena noticed that the crowd was cheering even louder, they were chanting HER name*

Lane: Would you look at that Athena, everyone is cheering for you.. does it feel good?

Athena: Of course it does!

Lane: Well then, you may enjoy it for a while longer.. BECAUSE THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU'LL EVER GET TO!!!

*Athena was enveloped in a black aura as it completely consumed her, she wakes up in a black void where there was just nothing, she then hears a eerie voice from Lane*

"i promise Lucifer will consume every bit of light that you possess..."

*Athena screams in fear as everything around glitched and a loud static began to fill her ears, many voices of Lane began to echo in the void! Tears fill Athenas eyes, one tear falls on Adeona but then...*

Adeona: Athena, don't be afraid!!

*Athena was brought to a light void where it was all beautiful, little bubbles rose all around her and in those bubbles were the images of her friends. in one, she saw Valt*

Vision Valt: Trust in Adeona and relax, you've got this!

Vision Aiga: You can do this Athena, believe in yourself and in Adeona!

*Everyone else surrounded her in their bubbles and Athena smiled happily*

Athena: He's not swallowing me up.. i won't let him! We won't lose our way to him, not ever.

*Elaina watches in awe as she watched her daughter smile with such confidence*

Elaina: She's smiling..

Shu: That's because she is enjoying this battle with her brother, she wants to have fun in this battle and show him that its not about the Flare and the power..

Referee: Fourth Battle!

Athena: Lane let's go!

Lane: Yeah... i'll break you!

Referee: Ready Set!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium once again and Lucifer takes the center again, Adeona races around the stadium with great speed*

Athena: Now go!!

*Adeona rushes Lucifer with a fast barrage of attacks, its movements resembling that of Rush Shoot*

Athena: We're gonna win this, we'll give it everything we got!!

*Adeona glows white as it continues its rapid onslaught of attacks*

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