Chapter 50: Shining Flare! Final Spark!!

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---Flashback: A Detailed Look In The Making Of Guide Adeona.Ch'.4A---

*Athena went into the BeyLab in the New York bulls as she sat down at the table and began to work on her first real Beyblade*

Athena: Attack, Stamina, Defense and Balance.. So many types and possibilities out there.

*Athena looked at all sorts of different existing Sparking Beys to see what stood out to her for ideas for HER bey*

Athena: Super Hyperion seems pretty basic with combined attack power, King Helios can switch between 5 to 10 blades, Brave Valkyrie has rubber attack, Glide Ragnaruk has stamina wings, Curse Satan has a ton of free spin parts, World Spriggan has burst stoppers and an a chassis that can be switched from locked to free spin and finally Variant Lucifer has a barrier within its chassis to block attacks.. Seems very interesting..

*With all that knowledge in mind, Athena was now hard at work making her brand new Sparking Bey. She used the shape of Hyperions ring as a template and her new ring eventually came out very similar in shape to it, her Chassis was 4A: A double chassis that had 4 blades that looked like that of the Under Frame and finally the Charge' driver: a dash version of Ace Dragons tip from long ago.*

Athena: Its done.... Guide Adeona...

*and before she had a chance to say anything else, She was pulled into another void where she meets the avatar of her bey, Athena was in awe at the titan-like figure.*

---Flashback ends---

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and Adeona began to guard the center to keep Lucifer out of it*

Athena: By doing this, Lucifer won't be able to take the center and that is where it is most strongest so i must do everything in my power to match Lucifers rotation speed and to keep it out of the center!!

Lane: Attack..

*Lucifer comes in and lays into Adeona with a barrage of fierce and deadly blows trying to force it out of the middle*

Athena: That's it, keep blocking it!!

*Lucifers onslaught didn't end as it slammed into it with all it's force, Adeonas disk began to move towards Limit Break*

Athena: It's time!! Now's your chance, Limit Break: Royal!!!

*Lucifer goes flying back and onto the upper deck, Lanes eyes narrow as his frustration began to grow*

Athena: How's that?!

Lane: So you got a little better, it won't make any difference as you will lose anyway!!

Athena: Not if i have anything to say about it, my chance to beat Lucifer will come soon!

Lane: That will never happen!!

*Lucifer raced off the upper deck and knocks Adeona out of the center and straight for the wall*

Athena: Tch.. So strong!..

*Adeona slams into the wall and all its stamina was gone*

Athena: Keep going Adeona, you've got this!!!

Lane: End this, The End Disaster!!

*Lucifer speeds forward and knocks Adeona out of the ring with a devastating blow*

Athena: N-No way!!

Referee: Lucifer The End with an Over Finish! Due to the modified ruling, no points are awarded!

Athena: If this is how he's gonna play then maybe it's a good thing we are using first to 3 points Burst Only matches.. but the problem is that i need to get 2 successful burst finishes.. i may need to go for drastic measures.

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