Chapter 49: Overcome Your Fears! The White Princess Shines!!

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*Athena and Shu were in the lobby of the New York Bulls, memories of Lane flash through her mind as training was about to begin*

Shu: Is everything ok?

Athena: It's Lane.. he's in my head..

Shu: You'll be fine, you can beat him. If anyone can, it's you.

Athena: Can I though? Last time I faced Lane, I lost so can I really hope to beat him now.

Shu: Like I said, if anyone can and will beat Lane, it's you. I believe in you as I have from the beginning.

Athena: Shu..

Shu: My Spriggan can replicate the abilities of Lucifer The End. The moves I can mimic are The End Wall and The End Disaster.

Athena: What about his Limit Break: The End?

Shu: Spriggan is unable to do that so a suggestion would be to dodge that move at all costs.

*Athena nods and Shu pulls out his bey and launcher and prepared for battle*

Shu: Now, prepare for battle!

Athena: Yeah!

Shu: Another thing, You should go Left Spin and use Adeona Royal as you will be able to consistently match Lucifers spin throughout the battle.

Athena: So you want me to absorb its spin?

Shu: Exactly.

*Athena nods and changed to Adeona Royal, both bladers took positions. Shu set Spriggan to Right Spin Defense Mode*

Shu: Let's go!

Athena: Yeah!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*the beys land in the stadium and Spriggan takes the center of the arena*

Shu: Now come!

Athena: Now go Adeona!!

*Adeona comes in and deals a barrage of attacks on Spriggan and absorbed small amounts of its power*

Shu: Stop it with World Spin!!

*Spriggan blocks the attack with it's free spin chassis, but it doesnt stop Adeona as it continues its assault*

Athena: We won't back down, you better believe it!!

*Shu smiles as Spriggan manages to counter Adeonas next attack and speed up to the upper deck*

Athena: Chase it down Adeona!!

*Adeona races up to the upper deck as it made it's way over to Spriggan at top speed*

Athena: Royal Burst now!!

Shu: World Slash!!

*both beys clashed, Spriggans burst stoppers were pushed in as Adeona burst nearly instantly*

Athena: No way..!

Shu: We're not stopping, it's all or nothing at this point!

Athena: Right, let's go again!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

---Meanwhile in the deepest, darkest reaches of New York, Lane was doing some training of his own---

*Lucifer The End was spinning in the middle of the stadium with its evil flare lit ablaze, Lane smiled sinisterly as he could feel the power coursing through his veins*

Lane: This is it.. once i've consumed Adeona, my Flare will be one step closer to its fullest might.

*Lucifer continued to spin as the chips eyes and sun emblem began to glow*

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