Chapter 48: A Promised Battle! Athena VS Hikaru And Hyuga!!

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*Athena woke up in bed the next morning and the battle from yesterday flashed in her mind, shaking it away she looks over at her bedside table where her equipment layed*

Athena: Another day...

*hours later and Athena got dressed and went downstairs, Hikaru and Hyuga rushed forward and got right in her face*

Hikaru: ATHENA!!


*Athena sweatdropped as the 2 brothers stared at her with puppy dog eyes*

Athena: Oh hello you two, do you need something?

*The brothers lean back and tell her what they wanted*

Hikaru: It's simple, we both want to battle you! a 2 on 1!

Athena: A 2-on-1 Battle? I mean i don't know..

Hyuga: What do you mean you "don't know"?!

Athena: It's just that i have a very big match with my brother in 2 days and i really do need to prepare for that.

Hikaru: We both wanted to battle you because none of us ever had a proper battle together aside from that one time but it didn't last long.

Athena: That's because i didn't use a Limit Break bey at that time, you guys had really improved with those new beys.

Hyuga: So whaddya say? Battle us both?!

Athena: Alright fine, if anything i can treat this as training for my match anyway.

*the 3 bladers venture out into the fields to the stadium out there for their battle*

---Meanwhile in the deepest, darkest parts of New York---

*Mr.Gliten had met up with Lane Valhalla once again*

Mr.Gliten: So Lane, you know i made a bet with your sister. If she wins, you're free but you win then you're staying at the Snake Pit forever.

*Lane didn't look away from his training, his evil flare burning and filling the room with its darkness*

Lane: There was no point in making that deal, i will remain at the Snake Pit for as long as i want to and nobody will tell me otherwise.

*Mr.Gliten watched in surprise as Lanes flare illuminated the area*

Mr.Gliten: Ah i see.

*Lucifer stopped spinning in the stadium and Mr.Gliten went over and picked it up*

Mr.Gliten: Lucifer The End.. So this is the legendary bey that destroyed Rage Longinus, Mirage Fafnir and Infinite Achilles. Truly impressive, Lane Valhalla.

Lane: Hands off.

*Mr.Gliten jumped a bit and turned towards Lane who was staring at him now*

Mr.Gliten: What did you say?

Lane: Let go of me this instant!

Mr.Gliten: Pardon?

*Lucifer glowed a fierce purple aura as it nearly blinded Gliten instantly, he dropped the bey back into the stadium as it was engulfed in a purple and black fire. He turned toward Lane who tilted his head like he was possessed..*

Lane: Lane Valhalla is no longer here, i am Lucifer.

*Lucifers avatar appeared behind Lane as Mr.Gliten looked on in terror but he simply grinned in the end*

Mr.Gliten: So Project: Shadow has finally run its course, it bonds the blader and their bey to an unimaginable level... and i couldn't have asked for better results.

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