Chapter 2

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Narrator's pov


Summer wasn't the brightest bulb in all the land, which got her into many different situations. Some childish and some infuriating

But none could describe the one she was in right now

Her Mother's face fell hallow and her eyes stretched to the hairline she drew with eyeliner as the shock took over her face

Her father on the other hand shook his head as he looked away. Her brother on the other hand held a smile plastered across his face, it brought him joy to see his sister miserable

"Uh, yeah" Melanie scoffed, her arms then crossed against her chest as her scorn look deepened

The tiny wrinkles around her lips were visibly shown while her eyes became a darker shade, perhaps filled with a slight rage

But Summer's attention was caught on how hot the girl looked with her arms crossed and a little pissy look on her face

Yep. None to describe this situation

"I- uh"

"I think we should all head inside, service is about to start" The priest gave a small smile to diffuse a tiny situation

"Good idea" her mother said

Melanie rolled her eyes, not full enough to catch the attention of the adults but one person caught it

Summer raised a brow at the girl but remained quiet. Besides, watching her walk away was far much more entertaining

She walked with such confidence, her arms were still crossed against her chest as she led the way, giving Summer a full view of her waist from behind

Her slim figure captured her attention as Summer's eyes rolled along the dips of her hips and every curv-

"What the hell is wrong with you!"

A venomous voice hissed into Summer's ear followed by a slap behind the head

"Oww" she groaned, bringing her palm to the area

"Why would you speak to someone like that, have you no manners!?"

"Well, you raised me" Summer smirked

Only to push the woman's buttons even more, her mother's eyes widened brighter. You could visibly see the blood rush to her face with anger as her lips parted

"Milo, take your mom to her seat. I'll deal with this" her father cut in

The woman's glare stabbed into Summer's face but she remained silent

"Run along" Summer smiled

Just before the woman could explode, she was tugged away by her brother's hand who probably didn't want the woman to embarrass herself in the church

A soft sigh left the lips of her father as he turned to stop Summer in the middle of the aisle

People were now settling in so they hadn't noticed any commotion that had been going on

"You know you're wrong yet you continue to push that woman" he said

"It's fun" Summer shrugged

"No no. Riding a jet ski is fun, this is downright torture for my ears that need to listen to her complain right before bed" the man said, making her chuckle

"Alright, I'm sorry" She laughed

"Don't tell that to me, tell that to Melanie" He said

"Dad, seriousl-"

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