Chapter 47: Explosion! The Crimson Champion VS The Jet-Black Sun!!

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*Aiga and Lane stared each other down as their auras flowed out*

Lane: Aiga Akaba.. do you think you can take on the flames of my Flare?..

*Aiga frowns as Athena watched worriedly, her Adeona glowing faintly*

Aiga: it doesnt matter as you're Flare will be taken down!

Lane: We'll see if you can keep up that tough guy act for long.. you'll break, it's just a matter of time..

Aiga: Attack just barely worked so this time I'm gonna go with pure speed.

*Aiga takes off the Infinite Sword and places the Dimension driver on the middle height + Attack Mode*

Referee: Second Battle!!

Lane: And as this battle comes to a close, all in this arena will know true power!!

*Lane's flare rises as he yells out from a surge of power rushing through his veins*

Athena: Aiga.. be safe please..

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Lucifer took the center almost immediately, Achilles comes rushing in at top speed*

Aiga: Now go Achilles, show them what you're made of!!

*Achilles bombarded Lucifer with incredible speed and wouldnt let it recover from any of its rapid attacks*

Lane: What pathetic attacks!! Now, The End Disaster!!

*Lucifer managed to counterattack and blow it back*

Aiga: We're not letting you escape!!

*Achilles comes in and forces Lucifer out of the center and sent it on the move, Lane gets frustrated as Lucifer began to wobble*

Lane: You're getting on my nerves!!

Aiga: Alright, put an end to this!! Infinite Attack!!

*with an incredible attack, Achilles sent Lucifer flying and it burst the moment it hit the ground*

Lane: Tch..

Referee: Infinite Achilles with an Over Finish! Aiga Akaba earns one point!!!

*The crowd cheered loudly at Aiga scoring a point over Lane, Athena smiled happily as she wanted Aiga to win no matter what*

Aiga: How's that?!

Lane: You may have scored a point on me but now i'm going to go even harder on you.

Aiga: What do you mean?

Lane: I was holding back before so now im gonna get slightly more serious now, i won't show my true power unless i have to.

Aiga: Tch.. this guy...

Referee: Third Battle!!

Aiga: Lane is definitely going to go on the Offense this time so i'm gonna fight with Defense.

*Aiga set his Bey into the Infinite Shield and the lowest height in Balance Mode. Athena watched, hopeful that Aiga would win, she could feel their hot spirits from the crowd*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium once more and Achilles took the center this time, Lucifer comes in for the kill*

Lane: Now give them The End Disaster!!

*Lucifer layed into Achilles with a barrage of attacks, but its shield held up and blocked them all*

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