Milia swayed in the water for a long time and watched the sun set in front of her. The pink and orange tones consumed the blue and Milia watched patiently as the sun continued to lower until it met the horizon. It was beautiful. The water was still so warm from all the suns work and Milia could only think about going for yet another dip tonight. She always loved night swims and not being able to see much except for the shimmering water that reflected from the bright moon.

Milia begrudgingly swam back to the shore to avoid pissing off her parents even more as she had already been out longer than two hours. She walked over to Oliver who was fast asleep on the chair. She pulled her towel from beneath him and he instantly woke up in a panic.

"let's go. We're late." Milia was still mad at him for having a hissy fit over something that wasn't a big deal but decided to push it to the back of her head. She dried off as much as she could and slipped her clothes back on from earlier in the day.

The two of them walked up the stairs and stared at the house. She could make out five figures sat at the outdoor table and instantly felt guilty for being much later than she realised. As she got closer and closer she could see the array of food sat out and became aware of her bubbling hunger as she had only eaten breakfast today. Her mother noticed her first and stood up and announced her presence. That's when she saw him. The familiar light green eyes locked on to hers and she was hooked straight away. A smile crept up on his face as he took in how much she had changed.

Milia stopped walking as soon as she realised who it was but Oliver didn't seem to notice as he continued his journey to the food ahead.

"Holy shit!" Oliver turned at those words to see Milia's utterly shocked expression. Before he could get a word in, Milia bolted ahead to the green eyes. "Timmy!, oh my god" As she sprinted towards him, Timothée rose from his chair and met the girl halfway. The two immediately collided into a hug and Timothée swung the girl around lifting her off the floor. Milia's arms were wrapped around his neck so tightly and she didn't want to let go. As he put her down, Milia moved back a little and looked up at his face. She shook her head slightly and slammed her chest back into the hug. Timothée laughed in joy and held the girl equally as tight.

The two were brought out of their moment when Oliver cleared his throat next to the two.

"oh, umm... right, Oliver this is Timothée. Timmy this is my boyfriend Oliver." Milia let go of Timothée and moved to stand next to Oliver. They shook each other's hands and smiled but Oliver looked in shock.

"I know who he is, i'm a huge fan, but... I'm just a bit confused. How do you two know each other?" Timmy laughed at Oliver and nodded his head.

"Milia and I grew up with each other and if my memory serves right we were pretty much inseparable " Milia couldn't hide the huge smile that spread on her face in his presence. This was the best surprise she could ever want. When Milia saw his parents she felt even more happier. They stood up and hugged the girl they considered their daughter and Milia felt a hug sense of nostalgia.

The group sat down and ate the most delicious meal and caught up after not staying in touch for so many years. Antonio and Lily got into another heated discussion with Timothée's parents. No one could get a word in so the volume just increased by ten each time. Timothée and Milia would chime in and yell at the four when they said something stupid or used their very strong visual language. Each time Timothée and Milia would catch each other's eyes and break into a fit of laughter.

Milia could sense that Oliver was overwhelmed by her family and she rubbed his hand to reassure him. Oliver was exhausted from the heat of the summer sun and eventually excused himself off to bed. Everyone said goodbye and when he was out of ear shot, Antonio giggled at Milia.

"What's wrong with him?" Milia shook her head and glanced at her fathers rudeness.

"Papa, he's just tired" Milia cocked her head at him but he just continued laughing.

"la mia ciliegia, he's been sleeping almost the whole day" Timothée joined in the laughter.

"wow, 'la mia ciliegia' I haven't heard that in a while" Timothée admitted to the table. He looked directly into Milia's eyes and connected the two. She smirked back at him and he just looked at her in admiration.

"Welcome home Timothée, now you'll never hear the end of it." Antonio said as he clapped the boy of the top of his back. Lily reached over and squeezed his hand. "Maybe, you can be the one to get Milia to realise she's dating the wrong boy"

"PAPA!" The table burst into laughter and Milia could only blame the amount of wine that had been consumed by all of them. Timothée didn't laugh though. He just remained staring deeply at the girl. Milia found herself looking straight back at him and diving into his beautiful eyes. He looked at her in a way that was reassuring yet dangerous in the same way. Dangerous in which she was falling back into her addiction of them. For having him around.

Milia eventually shook off the feeling and the families talked about the old times and how much Milia and Timothée had grown. Milia's parents admitted that the Chalamet family were staying here in the house with them the entire summer but when Milia explained to them that she was only staying for two weeks because of Oliver's job they all groaned in frustration, including Timothée.

Milia eventually excused herself to bed and said goodnight to them all and kissed them on the cheek. When she got to Timmy they hugged again and Milia felt so happy. As Milia separated she caught her mother's eye who looked at her suggestively. As Milia walked off into the house she rolled her eyes to her mother and shook it off.

When Milia got inside her bedroom, Oliver was sat at the desk typing away on his computer. He looked frustrated so Milia walked towards him and hugged him from behind. He didn't seem to acknowledge her presence and that annoyed her.

"What's wrong?, you're not still mad about the seaweed thing?" Oliver scrunched his eyebrows together and looked at her in confusion.

"What?, no. There's just a work emergency thing. My boss wants me to come back to secure one of my accounts" Milia knew this trip was too good to be true. Every time her and Oliver tried to go away they always had to cut it short and go back to the city for his work. Milia unwrapped her arms and sat down on the bed.

"I'm not going." Oliver looked back at the girl in confusion. "If you need to go back, i'm not going with you. I need to stay. I need to be here." Oliver looked mad for second before an idea struck his mind.

"how about, i go back for maybe a week and tie this all up and then come back here straight away." Milia smiled at him and he swung back around to put his focus back to the computer. They didn't talk for the rest of the night.

Milia pretended to be asleep when Oliver eventually crawled into bed so he wouldn't disturb her. They laid apart on the bed and even though there was only a small gap separating them, they both felt like they were miles away like the rest of their relationship. He nodded off to sleep straight away but Milia couldn't seem to give her mind a rest. It was too focused on one thing.

Those green eyes.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・''・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

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