The Boldness of Dawning

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T'haren sat upon the bank of the River J'hsall, humbly pondering and wondering and wandering.  He was in that beautiful but strange space of Gratitude and Curiosity alike.  This was the day of Dawning.  This was the day his life would see a new Dawn and he would don a new life.  Or was it?

The River was magnificent as it always was; tributaries like fingers, like the strength of the hand... each appendage unique and with its own purpose but yet united in their ultimate direction.  Those fingers, five in all, represented so much of what he had thus far learned.  One tributary raged with rapids and Zeal.  Another had this pristine momentum, filled with Grace.  Yet another, had its Falls with wondrous crashes and flashes and then there were the twin fingers, running perfectly parallel in direction and pace, one just a little wider than the other.

T'haren felt Awe.

And, he thought.  Today, he had prepared for... for what seemed ages, but was not.  He had trained in the ways of the Five Schools.  The J'hensi.  The Traij'hen.  The Suma'ari J'hda'at.  The J'hen Dokk.  And the Nasi'im J'h. He was to be Traig'hen; the joining of those five, not unlike the River before him... yet still not knowing what that would mean.  And, he knew this day, he would meet his T'ra'at, a bonding that would be sacred and for life.

Sitting on that bank, feet a hanging from the small precipice that was the grassy yet craggy knoll, he was both confident and unsure.  He was confident in his preparation but unsure of what lay ahead.  He knew his training, but he did not know why... and would not for some time. And that T'ra'at, which he had not met yet... was a 300 kilo combination of bear, fox and wolverine; fierce and gentle and strong of noble spirit.  They would somehow connect and be partners, walking life across species... companions on the path forward.  All of of the schools had prepared him for that meeting and connection; but for what purpose? It gnawed at him.

T'haren remembered the times in the village and on the plains riding the Turakian Plains Beasts.  He remembered such times of joy and play and training with his kindred V'hor and so many others.  A smile crept and leapt upon his face and resisted movement.  It was a deep Zeal felt for a youth that was both freeing and purposeful.

This was the Dawning day.  This was both culmination and creation in one.  Everything up to this day was preparation, but for what?  And, in this time of solitude on the bank, he sought some strange sense of solace amidst the Confidence and lack of Certitude.  His teachers had taught him well in the ways of spirit, purpose, guardianship, creation and the work.  There was a certain balance that was palpable; trained in the five arts.  Again, for what, he did not truly know.

As he sat amongst these myriad feelings of Clarity and Curiosity, he imagined the day unfolding... the J'hat Festival and all that came with it.  He had seen it before, with others completing their own E'j'h training.  He knew he would be with trusted friends and family and that it would be a time of true graduating... to a new space of existence here and now in this Realm.  He knew it would be a time of exceeding joy and sharing amongst same.

And it was a Dawning.  A new day.  A new life.  Not unlike the trinary stars rising before him, there was an Appreciation for the newness of day, a Confidence in meeting it, and a robust Curiosity in what this new day and life would bring.

Still and with all going through his head and heart, with all of his memories and meaning bubbling up into Soul, he had this irrepressible thought that this was not his life somehow.  Oh, it was his and he owned it and loved it dearly.  But there was something unknown about past, present and future that almost begged to be answered.  The Strength in between that river of uncertainty and curiosity came from his training.  He did not know how he would "get there" but he knew he would get there.  Certitude was alight.

The suns were indeed and in deed rising before his eyes, the fingers of the great river sprawled in front of him, the Setset birds were cawing and soaring, the scent of the C'riacus grass was pungent.... and then he heard, in a voice so familiar... "T'haren, it is time..."

He thought "Boldness".  The Dawning had begun...

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