You stole my heart

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Stop right there!
Please give it back.
I need it to go on.
I want to escape this prison my heart has made.
But you came and stole the key!
I was so close to seeing the light in life.
I wanted to feel the warm must of summer, the cold bite of winter again.
But you took that from me.
Please stop tormenting me.
With your love and looks because we both know you don't care.
How could you say that?
I need you.
I never stole anything!
I won it fair and square.
I won it for me, for you.
When did I ever say I didn't want you.
I never tormented you or tried to hurt you because...
I love you!
But if you don't want mine then I'll give it back.😢😱❤️💔💋

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