Gang Leader

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Summary so you aren't confused:

Bakugou is the 1 top gang leader in Japan, All Might captured him and thought it would be a good idea to have him as a student to teach him a new way of life instead of a villain so he talked to Aizawa and put him in class 1A

No One POV:

"Okay class um today I want you all to be careful the 1 gang leader is joining are class I haven't seen him but what I've heard he is extremely dangerous but we are trying to get him on the good side" Aizawa said everyone started freaking out inside

"But- but Mr.Aizawa you can't be serious!?" Denki yelled, everyone agreed

"Please stay calm he can't use his powers we injected something in him so he won't be able to use his quirk for a while" Aizawa explained it eased the class a little

"All right bring him in" Aizawa said the door opened and a police officer pushed a small blonde boy in and shut the door, the class and Mr.Aizawa were shocked the big bad top gang leader was the most adorable human being ever!!!!

The class studied the boy he couldn't be anything more than 5ft, he had soft features and a major baby face even with us scowl he just looked a angry kitten

"Aww he's so cute!!!!!!" Mina squealed

"IM NOT CUTE!?" Bakugou yelled and then let at the cutest little kitten sneeze

"Ahhh so cuteee" all the girls squealed and the boys awed

"Stop looking at me like that! I'm a dangerous gang leader remember!" Bakugou stomped his foot a pouted the class just coed and awed more

"O-okay well class please get him settled into the dorms you guys get the week off" Aizawa said snapping back he found the blonde to be way too cute to be a dangerous gang leader

The class stood up immediately and rushed to the small blonde, circling him. They all coed at him like he was a baby which pissed bakugou off

"Stop it!" He yelled frustrated

"Aw don't be grumpy little one" Iida ruffled his hair

"Would if I killed people!?" He yelled the class took a pause

"Did you?" Deku asked lifting a brow with a small smirk

"Well- no" he pouted

"Why not?" Sero asked

"Cause I didn't want to kill people" he said crossing his arms

"But I still stole things so- so still be scared or something!" He yelled the class chuckled

"All right little buddy you're so scary" Kirishima coed and lifted the boy up and onto his hip like moms do with their kids

"Heyyy" bakugou whined but just got shushed and then they all headed to the dorms when they got there they took him to his room it was completely empty

"Ooh let's decorate it!!!" Mina yelled

"No!" Bakugou groaned annoyed

"Yes, And you need clothes so too the mall we go" Kirishima chuckled they all excitedly left to the mall

When they got there the girls went clothes shopping and are getting stuff for his room also making sure to get the important stuff like a bed while the guys distract bakugou and take him to a toy shop

"A toy shop really?" Bakugou said annoyed

"Come on it will be fun" Denki said with a smile

"I can buy you anything you'd like" todoroki said with a small smile

"I'm a criminal and you think to take me HERE" bakugou said crossing his arms

"Yep!" They all day and lead him in, bakugou spot a green dinosaur plushie and immediately fell in love with it the guys noticed bakugou starring and smiled

"Want it?" Todoroki asked

"Wha- pfft no why would I a villain want a really cute fluffy dinosaur plushie" bakugou said biting his bottom lip

"Ok guess I'll just get it and give it too another boy" todoroki smirked and grabbed it

"No! I mean I want it for evil stuff.. yeah" bakugou said taking it from todorokis arms the guys cooed

"Very scary" Iida chuckled and they payed for it and left and met up with the girls who had TONS of bags

"Wow over do it much?" Sero laughed

"Maybe just a bit" Momo smiled

"Let's go home now"

Once the girls went to bakugous room and set it up and the guys all watched ice age with bakugou. The guys knew the girls probably picked out some things bakugou not be happy with...

Time skip

"Ok bakugou don't be too mad" Mina said and opened the door slowly, he walked in and looked around shocked there was a pink bed in the corner filled with stuffed animals and had railing around it but not a crib which he was thankful for and there was a bookshelf filled with kiddie things a nightstand with a lamp next to the bed his closet was filled with soft aesthetic type clothing the room looked babyish but still had some teen stuff

"Also mr.aizawa told us you wet the bed at night, no need fo be embarrassed so we got you nighttime nappies just for when you go to bed" Momo said bakugou blushed that they knew about that

"What do you say?" Iida said putting a hand on bakugous shoulder

"....thank you" he said and looked away blushing while everyone hugged him a cooed

"Alright alright get off me!" Bakugiu yelled playfully

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