Chapter 44: True Friendship! Tag Battles!!

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~Flashback: One night, Athena and Lane sneak into the library in Valhalla Manor and snuck into the Beyblade Museum portion of the library. A young and excited Athena was amazed at all the different beys~

Young Athena: Wow Lane! This is so cool!!

~Lane paid her no mind and kept looking at all the beys, there was one in particular that caught Lanes eye and it stood on its own pedestal, the Plaque on the pedestal said: "The Black Sun: First Uranus.Mb.2D"! Lane had heard stories from his mother that Uranus was used by his ancestors to divide and cause chaos within the family and possessed a power only known by few called Flare~

Young Lane: Uranus huh? I'll conquer your power...

~With those words, Uranus began to glow with a purple aura which mesmerized Lane completely. Lane stepped forward and took the bey off the pedestal and Uranus began to glow even more intensely, Athena watched in horror as Lanes cheek markings glow and his yellow eyes glowing with a frightening intensity. Unlike its previous users, Uranus had accepted him as its owner~

Young Athena: L-Lane.. Are you..?

*Lane turned toward her and smiled*

Young Lane: Im fine, Never been better.

*Athena gulped and nodded shyly*

Young Athena: A-Alright, if you say so.

~both of them left the museum and went back to bed, nothing was truly the same after that night but they didn't need to know that.. Not yet

~Flashback End~


*the tag battle began and Adeona Heaven and Abyss Diabolos spun side-by-side as Glide Ragnaruk and Tempest Dragon did the same*

Athena: Looks like Ragnaruk isn't taking the center this time... You handle Dragon and i'll handle Ragnaruk.

Delta: Right, go get him!!

Athena: Yeah, go Adeona!!

Delta: Diabolos!!

*Adeona breaks off and slams itself into Ragnaruk and launched it into the center, launching a rapid barrage of attacks*

Rantaro: Ragnaruk!!

Drum: Dragon! Get in there!!

*Dragon comes rushing in but is immediately stopped by Diabolos*

Delta: Don't think I'm gonna let you get away so easily.. Drum!

Drum: Heh, we're going to get super serious and take you down!!

*Dragon and Diabolos were locked in a flurry of attacks, meanwhile Adeona continued its assault on Ragnaruk*

Athena: Strike it down!!

Rantaro: Now, Glide Tornado!!

*Ragnaruk uses its tornado to lift Adeona up and fling it across the stadium and onto the rails*

Rantaro: Wait, she's using the rails?!

Athena: Now go!!

*Adeona soars of the rails and dives toward Ragnaruk and landed on top of it*

Athena: Limit Break: Heaven!

*Adeonas wings extend and pushes it against the stadium floor and forced it to burst*

Rantaro: What?!

*Adeona then came back around and focused its attention on Dragon*

Athena: Now Go!! Adeona!!!

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