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    "Dreaming." Qin Wei gritted her teeth, knowing she hadn't thought of anything good.
    I completely forgot that he was also happy before.
    After speaking, he raised his head and saw that Jianing was already hiding away. Qin Wei raised his brows: "Come here."
    "You won't hit me?" After asking, Jianing took a step back unconsciously.
    "Do you want me to beat you?" Qin Wei asked her.
    Jianing shook her head quickly: "No."
    "If I don't talk about retiring in the future, I won't beat you." Fighting is impossible, but she can't let her know, Qin Wei thought, if she was to let her know what was in her heart, It will turn the sky in the next moment.
    "But, the emperor is not here anymore." Without an emperor, there is no danger, and there is no danger to divorce casually.
    "That's not okay." Qin Wei's tone was serious. "If you want to retreat, go find your fiance and retreat. That's going to retreat."
    "Ah?" Jianing looked confused, and it took a while to remember that she, as if, has a legend. The fiance in the middle of the world immediately lowered his head and concealed, "I'll look at it again."
    "Huh?" Although Jianing did not respond slowly, Qin Wei had already noticed something was wrong, so he lowered his head and asked her, "Chen Jianing, what is your fiance's surname? ? " "
    Last name ...... "Romantic been asked to live, but do not answer this question would not work, especially before the recall was asked, but then how his own answer? I have forgotten.
    "Song." Jianing compiled a surname.
    "Okay." She wanted to deceive Qin Wei with her little trick. It was a dream. Qin Wei didn't intend to expose her before. He was happy to know this. He didn't care about what Jianing said just now. .
    "I'm going to town tomorrow. Do you want to send a letter to your home?" There is no shortage of things at home, but no matter the house I live in now or the house of my two brothers, it is too old, and the tiles on the roof are no longer adequate. It's all thatch, and the water leaks when it rains heavily. Qin Wei plans to buy a few pieces of plastic cloth to cover it.
    "Yes." Hearing that he went to town, Jianing, and immediately put the matter just behind his head, it is not as important as writing a letter to the family, whether the fiancé is true or false.
    "Then you write it, I'll send it tomorrow." Qin Wei didn't tell her anything else.
    "Good." Jianing returned to the house holding the clothes Qin Wei had just given.
    "Running very fast." Qin Wei said while looking at Jianing's back, and then found something in the courtyard. After ten minutes, Jianing came out with a newly written letter.
    There were more important things, Qin Wei didn't tease her anymore, went to bed early in the evening, and got up at dawn the next day.
    It rained all night, and a lot of water accumulated in the yard. Fortunately, I dug the drain two days ago, and started to sweep there when the rain stopped. Qin Wei cleaned the place with a lot of water, and filled the potholes on the ground with soil, and then he started to do something else.
    Although there is no living in the field, there are a lot of things at home. The chickens, ducks and pigs have to be fed, and it has rained in the past two days, and they have to be covered.
    Qin Wei carried the pig food cooked by Mrs. Qin and poured it into the pigsty. It was almost the New Year. In order to give the pigs a long fat, both pigs had good food during this time.
    "Hurry up and eat." After Qin Wei saw that he poured the pig food, the two pigs did not eat. Instead, they chopped the pigsty and didn't know what they were doing. He raised his hand and patted them on the head. ?" The
    two pigs grunted, as if laughing at his ignorance.
    "Heh." Qin Wei walked to the front yard carrying the bucket. After the pigs were fed, there were still chickens and ducks. He certainly couldn't let the elderly do this at home.
    I don't know what's going on, Qin Wei feels that his strength is much stronger today than usual. He usually carries two buckets of pig food, and now it feels like there is nothing in his hands with two buckets of pig food. .
    It’s just that the stranger problem is that today’s chickens don’t seem to like to eat very much, and they start to circle around the chicken ring. Qin Wei feels that the familiar weirdness has regained.
    When I felt this way last time, the wound was inexplicably better. Today, several things in the house were a bit abnormal. Qin Wei threw the hay in his hand into the chicken pen and hurried away. It’s just that even if I leave, I don’t understand why the livestock at home are so strange today.
    "Why is the third child in a daze here? Didn't you say to go to town? Why didn't you leave?" Mother Qin came out face to face and saw her son in a daze in the yard, "By the way, the third child, you still want It will rain for two days, can the rain stop tomorrow?"
    "I will go now." Qin Wei put down the food for the chickens and ducks, "not necessarily, I will go now, and come back soon." Qin Wei glanced at the sky. , He also couldn't tell when to stop, but fortunately, there was no daylight for these two days, which made people breathe a sigh of relief.
    "That's fine, so those plastic sheets won't work in the next few days." Old lady Qin thought that if the rain stopped, she would take out the things on the cellar.
    "Don't move first." Qin Wei shook his head. If you remove those things now, it will be too late to change them when it rains again.
    "Okay, I won't move it. I'll steam it for you. Go to town and come back early. Don't dare." Mother Qin felt that she would always stop, but if it doesn't rain, put it aside. It's important for her son to come back quickly, just in case It's broken if it gets wet, and it's not raining in summer, it's okay. Now this kind of weather, if one is bad, it will catch a cold.
    "Yeah." Qin Wei nodded, promised to take the prepared money, and rode his bicycle directly to town.
    Qin Wei was riding a bike fast, and there was no one on the road now. He didn't stop from home to the entrance of the village, but found several people surrounded by the entrance of the village.
    Qin Wei didn’t take things seriously. He vaguely heard someone say: "What are you running around in the middle of the night." When I wanted to listen carefully, I was already far away. It was not a major event. Qin Wei didn’t stop. .
    It may be because of the rain that just ended, the people in the town are also much less than usual. Usually, when you get to the street of the supply and marketing cooperative, you have to walk slowly, and today it is unimpeded.
    After I sent the letter, I went straight to the supply and marketing agency. After I entered, there were a lot fewer people than usual. Several salespeople were talking about the rain in the past two days, and they just ignored people when they came.
    Qin Wei ignored them and paid directly for what he wanted. In all fairness, the price of plastic sheeting is really not expensive, but there is not much money for it to support the family. In the end, Qin Wei bought five meters and thought about the size of the three houses, and felt that it should be almost enough.
    Originally I wanted to buy some more things to take with someone, but when I thought that the things I bought last time had not been sent back, I sighed in my heart, and I would never buy it for her this time.
    I took the plastic sheet and walked to the door. I just walked halfway, and saw a fresh thing, canned fruit.
    In the winter, there is nothing good to eat right now, and even to eat fruit, Qin Wei glanced at the canned fruit, and finally bought three cans of fruit and went home.
    It may be the reason after buying things, or it may be that he has other things on him, and Qin Wei went back faster than when he came.
    "I'm coming back so soon." Po Qin heard the sound of the bicycle before she finished cooking the noodles. Looking outside, it turned out that her son had returned with the plastic sheet in her hand.
    "How much did you buy? Why is it such a big bag?"
    "Five meters." Qin Wei said, then took out the plastic sheeting and cans from the basket.
    "Why did you buy canned food, this thing is so expensive?" Po Qin gasped with distress.
    "I want to eat it." Qin Wei said, then put the can on the table, "You guys try it too."
    "When I was young, I didn't see you asking for these things. Why did I think of eating so much." Po Qin was surprised. After muttering, he remembered something, and then looked at the three jars on the table. Suddenly I felt that the canned food might not be bought for them, nor was it the son who ate it himself.
    "I haven't eaten it, I kind of want to taste it." Qin Wei received.
    "Yes, you can spend your money as you like. Buy as long as you want." Possession Qin waved her hand, what else? I can't help but buy it, but it's different from before. I used to have a little money in my hands, but now I'm spending it lavishly.
    The family was running out of money, and I thought that this old lady Qin sighed in her heart. He should have been the best son of the few children, but now it's okay, except for the house.
    But having a house is much better than most people in the village, but she is still worried. The child my son is fond of is from the city, can the city be the same as the country? What's more, seeing the child's appearance, there is no shortage of food and drink at home, and life is much better than in the village. People will definitely not hesitate to have the opportunity to return to the city in the future.
    When the time comes, what to do with the son, Po Qin understands, this stupid boy has already sunk, but the gap between the two is too big. Granny Qin felt uncomfortable in her heart. She was also afraid of one thing, that is, if the two of them really become married, will they be able to live well after they get married? The young educated youth next door didn't feel wronged at first glance. What life can he live in the village?
    It's not that she doesn't believe in her son, it's just that the gap is too big. Although she doesn't know what the young educated youth next door does, she can tell by looking at the food and clothing. It's absolutely not bad. There are at least two wage earners in the family.
    Po Qin's guess was correct. The Chen family had more than two salaries, but four, Chen's father and Chen's mother and Chen Jiarong's wife.
    In the Chen family a few hundred kilometers away, Mother Chen scolded her elder daughter again: "What can you do? How good a milk powder factory is that you don’t want to do? Do you want to go to heaven?" In the township, the whole family is angry enough. Unexpectedly, Chen Jialing stole the money from the family to change the positions of temporary workers in the milk powder factory.
    Mother Chen was so angry that her forehead was pumping pain. The family's money is good for a few children, but it also depends on who needs it most. The youngest daughter can’t get enough food and sleep in the country, and the eldest daughter will only be fined two or three if she makes a mistake. The sky passed, and I still don't know how to repent.
    This time Mother Chen really couldn't calm down. Originally, she thought that asking her eldest daughter to send half of her salary to her sister, which would be regarded as a remedy, but it was impossible now. Seeing what she said about her eldest daughter, she was indifferent. Mother Chen glanced at the time and knew that her husband was about to get off work. She didn't speak any more and got up to cook. It was just that today’s food was half less than yesterday, and the rice was five less. One part.
    Sister Chen went home first, and when she got home, she saw something wrong with the dishes on the table, and then she saw the sister-in-law who was supposed to work in the factory staying in the house, and she immediately guessed the matter.
    The husband’s two sisters, Dasao Chen prefers the small one. She is obedient and obedient. Compared with the big one, it makes people want to put her in the palm of her hand. As for this one in the room, Dasao Chen looks at the dishes on the table. , Knowing that the sister-in-law was not able to eat before the mother-in-law calmed down, but she herself didn't seem to realize it.

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