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   Qin Wei just lay down, old man Qin and wife Qin came in, the next moment when they heard two people were going to feed themselves, Qin Wei moved .
    "Old man, the third child moved." Old man Qin put his rice bowl on the table. He didn't see what was happening behind his back. Mrs. Qin could see clearly. After speaking, he ran to the Kang. Right?" She just said a word, and the son moved and he would definitely hear him.
    "Huh?" Old man Qin put down the bowl and went to see his son.
    The finger of the person on the kang moved again, and then slowly opened his eyes in the surprise of the two of them. Then, as if being stabbed by a strong light, he closed it immediately, opened it again after a while, and then saw the two next to him. Ren: "Father? Mother?" After speaking, he coughed.
    "Hey!" Mrs. Qin agreed, thinking it would be useful to secretly burn incense and worship Buddha in the past two days. Her son really woke up, "The third child, are you hungry? My mother just made you a meal. The old man went to pour some water and just woke up to his throat. Do it."
    Old man Qin's hands trembled with excitement beside him. It happened that there was a bowl and water in the house, so he poured a bowl and brought it over: "
    Old man , you slept for three days, and finally want to wake up." Qin Wei was in the old man Qin. Slowly sat up with the help of him: "Father, why did I sleep for so long?"
    "Father also wants to ask you, the third child, what happened that night? Did you fall by yourself or were beaten?" Son When he was seen, he had injuries on his head and body. Old man Qin suspected that he had been beaten, but he could not find evidence.
    Although I had just quarreled with the Houhu Family Brigade during the day, but was not caught, no one would admit that he had beaten someone, let alone the unreasonable group of Houhu Family Brigade.
    "That night..." Qin Wei recalled, "I went home and drank a glass of water and wanted to go back to the ground. I felt that there was someone behind me before I walked far. I didn't find it when I looked back. I was hit by someone as soon as I turned around. I can't remember it later."
    "Can you see who hit you?" Old man Qin continued to ask.
    Qin Wei frowned and shook his head slowly: "I have a headache, I can't remember." After speaking, he stretched out his hand and rubbed his forehead.
    "The third child, don’t move, there’s a head injury, don’t listen to your father, are you dizzy now? Tell your mother that wherever you feel uncomfortable, it’s important to heal the injury. The old man wants to ask when the child is better." Old lady Qin looked at her son nervously. .
    "It's not uncomfortable, it's just painful." Qin Wei knows that these are normal phenomena of injuries, and it will be better after a while. As for the person just mentioned, he didn't see the face, but he remembered the other person's figure, and he would definitely recognize him if he met him again.
    "Do not faint like," Qin Old Woman relieved, "just woke up a little sore right body, the doctor said, painkillers can not eat, can sustain it insisted, father and mother are in it with you."
    "No It hurts too much, I can hold it back." Qin Wei closed his eyes tiredly after speaking.
    "That's fine. If you are not hungry, take a break first, and your mother and I will see you later." Old man Qin wanted to say something, seeing that his son was so tired, he swallowed the rest." We are just outside, just shout what we want." After speaking, she winked at Po Qin.
    "Yeah." Qin Wei nodded and lay down slowly to rest.
    "Then let's go out first, and shout something." Po Qin followed the old man out, not forgetting to give an explanation before going out.
    Qin Wei agreed. He started thinking and contemplating when the two went out. When he woke up before, he felt that he had robbed someone else’s body. But when he faced the two old people just now, why did he have that kind of heartfelt feeling? Close?
    Merely unable to do so, Qin Wei suddenly thought of another possibility: past and present.
    He came here, and Jianing happened to be there. Is there such a coincidence, or is it
    a fate? If there really is a previous life, then he is occupying his body.
    After calming down for a while, and calmly accepting this reality, Qin Wei put the matter behind his head, then closed his eyes and began to rest.
    He just woke up and collected so many memories, plus the injury on his body was not healed, he was really tired.
    When I woke up again, it was getting dark outside, and Qin Wei felt that the injury on his head was not as painful as before. He put on his shoes and walked out. Old man Qin was chopping wood in the yard, and Mrs. Qin was busy in the kitchen.
    Qin Wei suddenly felt a sense of ease. If she could really find Jianing and let her live in such a place, she might be happier than before.
    Qin Wei thought, the next moment the old man Qin's voice called back to God.
    "The third child is out?" Old man Qin finished cutting a piece of wood. As soon as he looked up, he saw his third son standing at the door, putting his axe on the ground, "Is it better than that in the afternoon?"
    "Much better." Qin Wei nodded, "Father, did this year's educated youth come back?" He just remembered what Old Man Qin did when he got that list. Every year the brigade would go to the commune to pick up a group of educated youths, who were on the list. He has no impression of several names, so there is only one possibility, and that is the arrival of the new educated youth this year.
    "Yes, I just picked it up today, the accountant has settled the account, and the food has been delivered." This matter was used by the father and the father together. When the son asked, Old Man Qin didn't think there was any problem.
    "How much food did you give this year?" Qin Wei asked casually.
    "This year's harvest is not good. I don't want to give more. One month nine catties of rice noodles, 30 catties of sweet potatoes, and one catty of white noodles. This is for male educated youths, and female educated youths are five catties less." Originally, the accountant meant five less. A catty of sweet potatoes, a catty of rice noodles, he felt that he had not given much, and it would be impossible to reduce it. Although sometimes irritated by these educated youths, Old Man Qin couldn't let them hungry.
    "So little?" Qin Wei was taken aback. The sweet potatoes were full, but not hungry. The white noodles were only half a catty. If they were picked up by that little petty bag, they would not have to eat.
    "There is no other way. This year's harvest is so poor. There is not much food left in the team, and no one is rich. Maybe it will last." Old lady Qin came out of the kitchen with the rice. Your father patronizes the educated youth, think about your home. Except for the two catties of white noodles sent by Chen Zhiqing, there are only twenty catties of rice left at home. It is at best to be late for the Chinese New Year. It is a dream to harvest wheat."
    "Eat first, not enough before thinking of a solution." Old man Qin was worried when he heard that the food at home was not enough. The food was eaten so quickly at home because his third son was injured two days ago. There were so many people who helped. Money, but you have to take care of your meals.
    They are all strong guys. With so much effort, they will definitely make people feed themselves. Once they come to the house, they will lose more than half of their food.
    "The New Year is almost coming, I see what you can do." Po Qin thought about the few dollars left at home, and then thought about the meat and white noodles still owed to the newly arrived educated youth.
    "The living can not be suffocated in urine?" Qin old man looked at the rice well, the hands of both wood and ax down, calling his son to eat in the past, "the youngest entered the room, out cold."
    "Hold suffocated to death Who knows, I could still have important points with the eldest and second family. Now that the brothers have not come back, they can't ask for food from their daughter-in-law, right?" Granny Qin had never been a wicked mother-in-law and couldn't open her mouth if she wanted food.
    "Look, let's talk about it, the third child is awake, should I return the meat first?" Old man Qin was also worried, but he had to plan step by step.
    "You don't need to make up when you wake up? You forgot what the doctor said? You didn't eat any good things. If you don't care about it when you wake up, you still want him to take the disease with him for a lifetime?
    "Then keep it. "Old man Qin is still not willing to wrong the child, he plans to find a way if he can't buy meat then.
    Qin Wei heard what they said, and only three words caught his attention: Chen Zhiqing. There is also an inexplicable intuition. The Chen Zhiqing mentioned by his parents is the person he is looking for.
    "Father, Chen Zhiqing is the one in the educated youth academy? Where did he get the meat?" There is only one educated youth surnamed Chen in the educated youth academy, so let's get rid of it first.
    "It's not that, it's a newcomer today."
    Qin Wei's heart beat fast. The newcomer's surname is Chen, and there is only one person: "I just came here with meat in his hand, and I'm very spoiled at home." Qin Wei sighed.
    "No, there are seven people here today, but she is young. I haven't seen any wrongdoing. I don't know how to sign up. It seems that I haven't worked. I will look at it when I start work tomorrow. Can't do the work in the field." Old man Qin had a headache when he thought of the new educated youth.
    Qin Wei became nervous when he heard the word "work". Just as he was about to speak, Mrs. Qin asked for him.
    "It's not just here today, so why are you so anxious to let them go to the ground?" Usually, Lady Qin doesn't care about this matter, and the work in the brigade is done when it should be done, but this time is different. The new educated youth lent them meat and noodles. These things couldn't be bought with money, and she couldn't help but say a few more words.
    "I won't live in the land for another two days. I can't let them stay for a winter. I don't earn more work points this year. What will I eat when I get food in the coming year?" Old man Qin didn't want to take them to work. If you don't do it, you can't. Although there were subsidies in the first few months, it is not certain when it will be issued.
    What's more, an educated youth is more delicate than another. If the sweet potatoes that are divided are broken and rotten, they are not willing to eat. In this way, there is not much food to eat. Work early to earn work points, and the next time you can distribute food, you can divide more. .
    "That's okay," Mrs. Qin divided the chopsticks. "The third one will eat more meat. You may not be able to eat it next time after this time."
    "Mother, since it was lent to us by a new educated youth. , Do you want to give her something?" Qin Wei didn't find a chance, but now he sees the meat and feels there is an excuse.
    "Look at my brain, why didn't you think of it?" Possession Qin patted her thigh, "But the third child is clever, don't eat it for the two of you, I'll get a bowl for Zhiqing Chen and send it over." Possession Qin finished. it ran into the kitchen, took only a moment after the bowl over, put a plate of cabbage stew dial out bowl, then put more than picked up a few pieces of meat inside, "I sent in the past, you Yeliang eat."
    "Mother , I'll send it." Qin Wei stood up.

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