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"Houssam oh my God will you just stop it!"

"Hana, I am telling you how I feel! I don't want to wear this! Don't tell me to stop!"

"You are being a big baby!"

"A big baby?!"

"Yes! A. Big. Baby!"

"Oh yeah!?"

Hana turned away from the mirror where she was tying her hair into a bun, and put a hand on her hip.

"Yes! You are!"

The two of the stood glaring at each other for a few seconds before suddenly Houssam dashed across the room, pulled her roughly towards him, and covered her mouth with his. She kissed him back for a few seconds, before pulling away with a laugh, and brushing the hair from his face.

"Remind me again why we didn't get married a long time ago?" he murmured against her lips, and she smiled.

"Because we fought too much."

"We fight too much now!"

"Yes but before we got married you couldn't make me lose my train of thought by kissing me."

"Ah," he said, a glimmer in his eye, "so the secret lay in our hidden passion for each other." He laughed loudly as she blushed.

"You're going to make us be late!" She exclaimed, trying to cover the red in her face, as she began to pull on her Abaya, and he laughed, stretching out his back. 

"I'm going to become a hunchback kissing you."

"What?! Why!?"

"Because I have to practically bend at the waist! Why are you so short?" he asked ruffling her hair affectionately, and she rolled her eyes.

"I'm not short my dear. You are just abnormally tall."



"Well then. Let's see how we can fix this!"

She gave a squeal as he closed his hands around her waist, and lifted her onto the dresser so that they were face to face. They stared at each other for a few seconds before he kissed her again, and while at first she put her arms around his neck, drawing him closer to her, she froze before hitting him lightly on the shoulder.

"Stop it! I swear if you make us late for lunch, I'm going to hurt you!"

"I'd like to see you try!" He exclaimed in amusement, and she put a hand on her hip.

"Fine, you can explain to my brother and your sister and their children, that we were late because you wouldn't stop kissing me."

"Hey, we are newlyweds! They were there once. Some of them are still there." He muttered under his breath, and Hana laughed. You would think after two kids, Amir and Yusra would have simmered down.

They hadn't.

Not even a little bit.

"Dearest heart, do I really have to wear this?" he moaned as he tugged on the elastic band around his chin, and she looked up at him, smiling to see his discomfort.

"Yes. Because I'm wearing mine, and you promised!" she exclaimed, and he waited until she had pinned her scarf, before dipping down to kiss her again. She giggled as the scruff of his beard brushed her face, and he laughed, before pulling her closer towards him.

"Let's stay in for lunch." He said quietly stroking a finger down her cheek, and she shook her head, pushing him away.

"No! Stop! Look you made my ears all crooked!" she exclaimed, looking into the mirror again, and he laughed.

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