Chapter 43: Battle On A Stormy Demonic Island! Lane VS Lui!!

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*Thunder rumbled on the demonic island as the battle at the peak was just starting to heat up, Lui grinned proudly as he was in the lead with 1 point*

Lui: So Lane Valhalla.. Is that really the limit of your power? Or is that power getting the best of you?

*Lane picked up his bey and rose to his feet, his mouth curving into an angry frown and his eyes narrowing. His bey glowed in his hand*

Lane: You'll see soon enough that i am superior!!

Lui: Superior huh, we'll see about that!!

*Lanes eyes glowed a fiery yellow as the second battle began, another loud clap of thunder echoed across the island*

Lane: You've had your glory now it's time for Longinus to die!!

Computer: Second Battle!!

*Both bladers auras glowed to life as the battle was about to start*

Computer: Ready set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The battle began and Lucifer took the center very quickly*

Lane: Now come at me, Longinus!!

*Longinus charged in and began to pummel Lucifer with a series of fierce blows, there was no doubt about it, Lui was going for a burst right away.*


Athena: Lui.. Be safe...

*Athena clutched the bottom of her dress nervously, she felt she knew what was coming*


*Longinus had blown Lucifer away into one of the speed cradles. Lucifer picked up incredible speed and raced toward it's opponent at full speed*

Lui: Raging Upper!!

Lane: Limit Break: The End!!

*Longinus goes flying out of the stadium from the devastating impact, Lucifer spun in the center once again, completely fine!*

Computer: Lucifer The End! Over Finish, the score is 1-1!!


Athena: He... actually pulled it off!

*Athena then heard a very soft roar but she had no idea what it was so she decided to tell Shu later*


*Lui picked up his bey and stared Lane in the eyes, he smiled and threw his head back in another fit of laughter, Lane scowled at him as Lui could barely contain himself*

Lui: Not bad but i've seen better, it's the end of the line for you Lane Valhalla!!

Lane: Oh really?!...

*After a while of non-usage, the Devils Mark on Lanes shoulder opened up once again as the flame markings spread across his body but it didn't end there: Lanes skin became more pale, his fingernails became more sharper, the sclera of one of his eyes turned as black as Lucifer itself*

Demon Lane: We're ready for you! Bring it on weakling!!

Lui: Ah, very interesting indeed! But do you think that'll be enough to take down Longinus?!

Computer: Third Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*the third battle was on and Lucifer claimed center stage once again, Longinus was speeding around the outside and waiting for the right moment*

Lui: Rise up and tear it apart, Longinus!!

Lui: Rise up and tear it apart, Longinus!!

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