Chapter 66

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The next three weeks were filled with many exciting things for both Houssam and Hana. Perhaps the most exciting being that Harold made Hana a permanent fixture of their team, so she went everywhere with them. To basketball games, practices, press conferences, and private interviews. If it wouldn’t be weird, Houssam would have kissed Harold for being such an awesome manager and helping them out like that. He would have to settle for buying him a car or something, because the fact of the matter was, it was the best possible thing that could have happened to them.

They got to spend some time together, well a lot of time together, but they were never, ever alone. Houssam had called up Hisham the day after they had all went out sightseeing, and had asked for permission to talk to Hana. He wasn’t sure if that was what they were doing, he would let her set the pace, but he was going to go about it the right way this time. No way was he going to let her go again, and he needed all the blessings he could get!

“Okay now you just look like you haven’t slept in years! Smile at least!” Hana scolded him.

“Yeah Houssam! Stop ruining the pictures!” Freddy chimed in, and Houssam rolled his eyes. They were at yet another photo shoot, this one Harold had managed to rent out part of The Empire State Building for a few hours. It was to show that Freddy and Houssam did normal things just like other people who lived in New York. Houssam wasn’t sure why they had to do it as Hana had pictures from the outing they had taken, but apparently the lighting wasn’t perfect for a magazine.

Or something like that. He hadn’t really been paying attention as Hana was wearing a blue scarf and he didn’t know why but it just looked amazing on her, and he was having a really hard time lowering his gaze.

“Where is your head today?” Hana asked with a smile as they paused to let some tourists walk through the shoot.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re distracted. What’s going on?”

He stared at her for a few seconds, wondering what he should answer. He couldn’t exactly say that she was consuming his every thought, his every movement, and if he didn’t marry her soon he was going to have a sad existence of a life.

“Just worried about the championship game next week.” He replied, and she nodded in understanding.

“I get that. But your team hasn’t lost for the past almost ten years. I think you will be fine InshaAllah!”

He smiled.

“InshaAllah. Listen, I’m going to fly out the family for it.”

Her eyes brightened.

“Oh that would be great! I could see Amir and Yusra! And your parents will love it!”

Houssam nodded.

“Yes but I meant our whole family.”

Her nose wrinkled.

“Like your grandparents? And all of your sisters? I think that would be a little too hard on them!”

Houssam took a seat next to her, and smiled gently.

“Hana. Our whole family meaning yours and mine. I am going to fly out your parents and Hisham and Ilham as well.”

Her mouth dropped and she just stared at him in utter astonishment.

“W…what?” she whispered eventually and he nodded.

“Yeah. I think it would be nice for them all to be here, and I know how much you have been missing them. It would be a nice reunion for all of us.

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