Chapter 42: The Shining Gates Of Heaven! Valhalla Manor!!

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*after a long plane ride to America, Athena and her friends were taking a limo to Brooklyn, New York as that's where Athenas home was. When the Limo pulls into the driveway, everyone was in awe at the massive building that stood before them*

Athena: Everyone, Welcome to Valhalla Manor. This is where you guys are going to stay during your time here.

*The mansion looked beautiful in the setting sun, a butler comes up and opens the front door and lets everyone inside. The butler greets the group and offers to take their bags to their rooms.*

Butler: Welcome home Mistress Elaina, Mistress Athena!

Elaina: Albert! It's great to see you again!!

Butler Albert: It's great to see you again too, looks like Athena brought home some friends.

Elaina: Yes, they'll be staying for a week and then they'll return home to Japan.

Butler Albert: Ah i see! Well then, rooms are on the second floor and the maids will bring your stuff to you momentarily. In the meantime, theres a Stadium in the courtyard for you bladers to use while dinner is being prepared.

Athena and The Legends: A stadium?!

Shu: Yes, i designed a new stadium and had it delivered here for us to use while we are here.

Athena: Wow that's awesome! I bet the new stadium is gonna be super amazing!!

*Everyone went to their rooms and got settled in, Delta notices a card on the bedside table; it was blue. A while later, everyone was led to the backyard to a flower meadow that went as far as the eye could see*

Rantaro: There's a stadium in that mess?!

Shu: I was told it was put back here.. Athena, what do you think? You know this place better than we do.

Athena: Well if I remember this area correctly, there should be a clear patch in the middle of the field so that's where it should be but it's gonna be a bit of a walk.

*Everyone ventured out into the tall grass of the meadow and after about 20 minutes of walking, they finally found the stadium! The stadium featured an Upper Deck that eventually transformed into 3 Rails that the beys could ride on, on the other side of the stadium was a crater as an alternative way to gain speed*

Athena: So amazing! This is the coolest stadium I've ever seen!!

Shu: Your mother has special plans regarding the stadium.

Athena: Wait really?!

Elaina: There's a reason why I invited a maximum of 7 other Bladers: Tag-Team battles!

Everyone: Tag-Team Battles!?!

Elaina: That's correct! With 8 Bladers, we can divide you into 2 teams of 4.

Hikaru: But there's 9 of us, with a 9th blader the teams are gonna be uneven.

Shu: Im not gonna be battling, once y'all leave to go home i'll be training her.

Elaina: Like I was saying, you should've  gotten either a blue card or purple card. If you got blue then you're on the Blue Team, if you got purple then you're on the Purple Team. Also keep in mind, we're doing a practice round for today. We're doing the real thing tomorrow.

*Blue team consisted of Valt, Hikaru, Delta and Drum. Purple team was Athena, Rantaro, Aiga and Hyuga*

Butler Albert: Alright! First Group come forward!

*the first tag battle was Athena and Rantaro VS Valt and Drum!*

Valt: So we're up against you guys, this ought to be good!

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