You're Not My Dad!!!

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Aizawa- 6'4

Bakugou- 4'7/ my height:)

Bakugou POV:

I decided to go out since I had to get away from Mr.Aizawa ever since I was kidnapped he's been treating me like some sort of baby that constantly needs to be watched, as I was walking I accidentally ran into "the big three"

"Hello little one what are you doing out here by yourself?" Nejiro asked bending down to my level

"Where's your daddy?" Mirio asked

"My daddy?" I asked annoyed

"Mr.Aizawa" Tamaki said with a small smile

"He's not my dad! He's probably back at UA" I said then tried to walk past them but Mirio picked me up

"We should call him he's probably worried sick" Nejiro said and called him

"Yes hi we found your little one wondering around by himself" I hear her say and hang up, I struggle and try to get down

"I can be alone im not a baby let me go!" I yelled annoyed, all of a sudden I see mr.aizawa running to us he immediately took me into his arms

"There you are you had daddy worried sick!" Aizawa said I blushed from embarrassment

"Let's get you back home I think it's best you stay with me in my dorm so I can protect you better" he said I looked at him in disbelief

"But- I can protect myself!" I protested

"Aw I think someone needs a nap" he says and takes me back to UA to his room and tucks me in as I slowly dose off a little tired

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