My Villian Parents

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Izuku and ururaka ran away the first year to become villains their now supposed to be on their 3rd year

Deku- 6'4

Ururaka- 5'8

Bakugou- 5'0

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Bakugou POV:

I woke up in a dark room I couldn't see anything I tried to move but I seem to be tied to a chair but whatever I'm wearing is really soft like a giant blanket that covered my whole body even my hands and feet. I started hearing footsteps getting closer then the door slowly opened revealing pink cheeks and deku!?

"What the fuck!?" I yelled at them

"Aw is our sweet boy awake" round face cooed

"What is wrong with you and where have you guys been?" I asked confused and angry

"My precious little baby is all cranky hm?" Deku cooed untying me from the chair

"Deku what the hell are you talking about!?"
I yelled getting picked up

"Shh why don't you hang out with mommy" Deku said passing me to pink cheeks

"He's a mamas boy isn't he?" She said in a baby voice that made me cringe

"Let's get you some food in your tummy while daddy does adult stuff" she said carrying me to the kitchen and setting me in a high chair

"What's going on!? Why are you guys calling yourselves my parents???" I yelled but she ignored me AGAIN

"I know, I know" she said like I was a baby babbling and she was my mom pretending to understand me

She set oatmeal in front of me and grabbed the spoon and put it in front of my mouth, I glared at her and turned my head away shutting my mouth tight

"I forgot I have a grumpy baby on my hands" she said and tickled me I did my best to hold in my laugh but I couldn't hold it and she immediately put the spoon in my mouth, it was kinda good so I let her feed me the rest then I heard a click and a little flash

"I'm sorry but it was too cute not to" Deku said coming into the room I glared at him but he just smiled at me

"Ima get him washed up before bed" Deku says taking me out of the high chair and carrying me to the bathroom

"No no no!" I yell and start to struggle

"Yes yes yes~" Deku cooed and started the bath and undressed me

"Deku stop I'm not a baby!" I yell tears slightly coming to my eyes

"Aw shh it's okay little one" he said putting me in the bath and kissing my cheek, he washed my hair and was careful when washing my body

"Where were you guys..." I ask looking away, it was silent for a bit

"We love you but we had to go... we're villains now kacchan" Deku says shocking me

"You're what!?" I yelled and backed away

"Baby please we would never hurt you please don't be scared of me" he says I shake my head and cry into my arms

"Baby please" Deku says reaching for me

"Don't touch me!" I yelled

"Katsuki Midoryia!" Deku yelled shocking me

''Midoryia???' I thought in my head

"Listen we love you and we will never hurt you on purpose now let me get you out" he said I nodded and he cooed and picked me up and dried my off

"Hey hunny is he ready?" Pink cheeks asks peaking her head in the bathroom I blushed

"Yep wanna get him changed so I can make him a bottle" Deku says I look at him shocked,
She can't see me naked!!!

"Sure thing come to mommy~" she cooed taking me into her arms, I blushed snd struggled reaching my hands for Deku

"Aw I know you love your daddy he'll be right back yes he will, yes he will!" She said in a baby voice that made me wanna die, she layed me on a changing table and dressed me into a diaper and baby clothes I said nothing. I know surprising but I'm tired and I'm not mad they took me like I should be but I missed them alot

"Aw he's adorable hunny great job" Deku said kissing her cheek, and picking me up

"Time for bed little one I got your baba!" Deku cooed and putting the bottle in my mouth I drank it falling asleep on his shoulder

"Aw such a sleepy boy~" he said kissing my head he layed me in a crib

"Night~" they both said kissing each side of my cheek as I fell into darkness

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