💈 Chapter3 Pt2/3

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💈 Chapter3 Pt2/3

We focus on Mia shaking like a leaf bowing her head down with blood stains..

6 hours earlier..

She was all packed up and ready for fun with Benji,Victor,Felix,Pilar as they were invited over at Simon's for a Summer Getaway..

As she tries to check in on her BESTIE Lake..

We focus on Victor noticing something is off..

He pulls Simon aside..

"Thanks for inviting us, i can't help notice..Blue isn't here is everything ok?" he asks worried.

Simon knods sadly tears flowing..

"No Victor, everything is not ok..

We are having problems in our relationship, he moved out of our home one week ago today!"

reveals Simon as Victor embraces him.

Benji sees from afar, Simon is hurting..


Felix offers to cook up some delicious steaks, which Simon agrees too as Benji & Victor console Simon by playing Guitar Hero together..

"We can all hit the beautiful beach tommoroww!" teases Benji.

Simon sees those two still have very deep feelings for each other and smiles.

He gets out some Chips to serve..

Funyuns, Pringles, Nacho Doritoes.

They each take turns singing Bonjovi's..

Wanted, Dead or Alive!"


Mia has been chatting recently with a guy online named Bobby..

he seems to be very poetic..

Simon warns her not to disclose too much information about her too soon..

He teases,

"Add some mystery to it!"


Lake had a wonderful interview and is ready to set off to meet her friends as she texts Mia, unfortunately her car has a flat, also it is having engine trouble too.

The London college rep she now learns named Rick is offering a ride to take her since he has family in that area..

Feeling she has no choice, as it is mid evening, she agrees she calls Victor, they get excited!

" Yay, Lake i can't wait to see you we have a big surprise to share with you!" he teases

After telling him what went down with her car she immediately calls her mom who promises to look into it when she arrives from work in two days!

Rick listens in on the entire conversation..


Mia and Simon, Felix, Pilar head out to the patio as the steaks are almost done..

Benji tells Victor,

"You really are such a great friend to those who need you!"

Victor smiles,

" I need you!"

Benji asks,

"What about Rahim?"

Victor pulls his ex lovers red shirt closer as they lock lips

"He isn't here, you are!"

"Do you only want me, because he isn't here?" he asks

"No, i really do miss you, miss us!"

says Victor

They kiss again, pull each others shirts off..

"Make love to me Victor!"

says Benji

They head into the comfortable king sized bed with its blue bedsheets, they make sweet,tender love for 2 hours,

holding hands, loud moans

exchanging of vows being

"I love you, I am sorry i hurt you!"

clean up in the shower together round two..wash up and clean up then join the others for steaks!

To Be Concluded..

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