Chapter 41: The Jet-Black Sun! Lucifer The End!!

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*Athena walked into Shu's apartment and plopped herself onto the couch, Shu looked pretty concerned as he watched Athena hide her face in her knees*

Shu: Are you still upset about leaving?..

*Athena nodded, not looking up at him. Shu sighed and sat down next to her*

Shu: Your mother actually pitched an idea that'll probably make you feel a lot better. Well it was more MY idea but your mother agreed to it.

Athena: What is it?

Shu: We decided to bring 7 people along for the ride for a 1 week visit, and Elaina is paying for the private jet tickets so we're all set.

Athena: You did all that for... Me?

Shu: I knew you weren't ready to say goodbye to everyone so i felt this was our only option.. The ones who are coming with us are Valt, Rantaro, Hikaru, Hyuga, Aiga, Drum and Delta. I chose the ones you're closest to.

Athena: Thank you Shu.. I really mean it.

*Shu smiled and stands up, pulling her up with him*

Shu: Lets go.. Im gonna take you to the Bombers. You're a couple minutes late but I'm sure Honcho wont mind.

*Athena and Shu left and walked her to the Bombers. As they walked, Athena decided she wanted to take the rest of the walk herself*

Athena: Shu, i think I got it from here.

Shu: Alrighty then, see you later I guess.

*Shu left and Athena continued her walk... But her destination wasn't the Bombers but the Sparking Arena, Aiga had asked her the night before to come to the Arena as he had a surprise for her. When she finally arrived, Aiga was already waiting for her... As well as a massive crowd.. And a referee.. And announcer Hanami!!

Hanami: Ok boys and girls, we bring you a truly epic Exibition Match LIVE from the Sparking Arena training area!!

*the crowd cheered wildly, Athena went to her corner and decided to play along*

Hanami: In the red corner, she has the fiery spirit of 1000 suns, a heart of joy and true love and the Legend League Runner-Up, please welcome to the stage The White Star, Athena Valhalla!!

*Athena walked on stage a bit nervous, Aiga smiled as the battle started*

Aiga: Lets make this a fun battle!

Athena: Yeah, lets do this!

Referee: First Battle, Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*both beys land in the stadium but the fun didn't last long as another bey was launched into the stadium and burst both Achilles and Adeona at the same time, Athena gasped as she instantly recognized the bey, it was a new Lucifer. Lane stepped out of the shadows as he walked on wearing a new outfit*

Athena: Lane?!..

Lane: I found you at last!

Referee: Hey kid, what is the meaning of this?!

Lane: I want you to reset the match, im taking Aigas place here!

Athena: Wait what?!

Aiga: Are you serious?!

Hanami: What's the call ref?

*the Ref sighed and rubbed his forehead*

Referee: Theres nothing in the rulebook that says an exhibition match cant be reset, the match is now Lane Valhalla VS Athena Valhalla!!

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