It started off with a kiss

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The characters from Naruto are not mine, I might bring other characters into this like a crossover between animes. I would like if you guys don't take the plot of this story P.S I'm making itachi and sasuke twins deal with it.

Naruto P.O.V

I was walking into my new school unsure of what to expect and i probably shouldn't be so worried about it but what if they think I'm weird by how I look. I mean in my last school they thought I was a freak, but you know what this school is going to be better you better believe it. I walked into my assigned class, classroom 7 with Kakashi sensei. He was wearing a mask that covered half of his face and he was reading some weird book about pervy stuff. I walked up to his desk and he looked up at me with a bored expression.

I smiled widely trying to make this less awkward for me. But it only made it worse because his expression still did not change which made me want to hide in a corner and cry.

"So, you must be my new student Uzumaki, Naruto" he said his voice sounded kind of sarcastic but it seemed like he talks like that usually.

" Yes sensei, is there anywhere in particular you want me to sit" I said with a small smile forming.

"Yes, but first introduce yourself to the class" he said.

"Everyone-" the whole class stopped chattering and noticed my existance. "This is our new student" Kakashi finished.

"Hi, my name is Uzumaki, Naruto" I said smiling widely showing my fang like teeth.

I heard girls giggling and I didn't know if they where laughing at me or what.

I turned to Kakashi and he told me to sit in the empty seat in the back. I walked quickly to my seat and sat down and I heard someone do what you would call a wolf whistle. I turned to the whistler who was seated infront of me and was surprised to see it was a boy. I'm pretty sure he was joking.

The boy leaned over and whispered "You are sooo hot".

I was confused at first but soon realized what he meant. I pulled my mathematics book out and pretended to solve some problems, trying to hide my visible blush.

After a while I noticed someone was sitting next to me. He had black hair and obsidion eyes and he was wearing a shirt that covered most of his lower face he looked like the guy that wolf whistled but shorter and he looked a little younger I wonder if they are related.

"Hello, my name is Naruto nice to meet you" I said as I smiled.

"I know what your name is idiot, you told it to the class already" he said not even acknowledging my existance.

"Well umm.. what's your name..." I said awkwardly scratching my neck.

"My name is Sasuke, not that it's any of your business" he said flipping the page of his mathematics book.

There were these two really pretty girls that turned around and the pink haired one said " Dont worry Naru-kun he's always like that but if you want i can ask sensei to move Ino-pig by chouji and you can sit by me".

The blonde one glared at her and said " No Naru-kun wants to sit by me why would he want to sit by you,  forehead".

I was getting quite scared " No, it's alright i believe I can handle sitting here that way I don't get distracted if I sit by you girls" I said with an awkward side smirk.

I'm pretty sure they both melted, i was just trying to get out of their argument but it seemed to back fire because now they where arguing about who i like and I am quite sure I do not like either of them.

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