Chapter 40: New Friend, New Rival! Lunatic Cthulhu!

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[Lunatic Cthulhu is a Beyblade made by a friend of mine on WBO named BeybladeManiac0, the bey he requested was apart of a bey contest and he won. This chapter is Cthulhus real introduction] 


*Athena watched in shock as the sparkling Cthulhu circled around the stadium with its crimson Flare lit ablaze*

Athena: You can use Flare too?..

Chiki: Yep, i sure can and trust me, thats only the beginning of what Cthulhu can really do.

*Athena gulped in fear as Chikis crimson Flare flew around her. She cupped Adeona in her hands as she was pulled into the Avatar World, she found herself sitting on Adeonas right shoulder and looked at the sunny and rocky horizon with her.*

Adeona: Cthulhu truly is a strong opponent.. Her use of Flare is fascinating!

Athena: What do you mean her "Use Of Flare"?

Adeona: Theres something off about that bey, almost if it has some kind of secret, abnormal power.

Athena: Im sure it'll be fine, nothing we can't handle right?

Adeona: If you say so.

Athena: Don't you worry, according to my calculations we're definitely going to win!

*Athena smiled at her joke and the avatar world disappeared, she looks at Chiki and smiled. Chiki looked on in annoyance*

Chiki: What're you smiling about?

Athena: Nothing much.. I just know I'm gonna win!

Chiki: Is that so? You have no clue what you're up against.

*Both bladers took their position as Rantaro was about to start the second battle*

Rantaro: Alright, its time for the second battle! Ready, Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Cthulhu clamied the center once more as Adeona zoomed in*

Chiki: Bring it! Take on the might of Cthulhu, if you think you can!!

*Adeona comes in for the attack, its blades glowing*

Athena: Now blow it to cinders!! Heaven Upper!

*Chiki smiled slightly as she watched Adeona fire a barrage of attacks at Cthulhu*

Chiki: Drive it back with Cthulhu Force!!

*a red liquid like barrier formed around Cthulhu, nullifying Adeonas attacks effectively*

Athena: Not over yet! keep attacking, evaporate that barrier with your fire! Go!!

*Adeonas flare blazed out as it zoomed around the stadium at top speed, Shu who was watching from the doorway with Elaina watched in shock as he watched Adeona become ingulfed in the white fireball*

Shu: W-When did her Flare evolve?!..

*Adeonas next attack sent Cthulhu flying, Cthulhu was able to recover and it prepared for its next move*

Chiki: I didn't want to show this move off just yet but it looks like you leave me no choice..

*Cthulhus crimson Flare shined as a storm cloud began forming over the Stadium, red lightning bolts flashed within the clouds as Chiki smiled menacingly, everyone else in The Bombers were speechless! None of them had ever seen anything like this before*

Chiki: Its time! Rip them to pieces with Lunatic Maelstrom!!

*Bolts of lightning struck the stadium randomly, one bolt hit Adeona and it went flying upwards*

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