baby carrier

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Short story

Tall class 1A and short bakugou AU

Iida POV:

Everytime the class goes out together well let's just say bakugou tends to get lost...a lot

We tried everything. First we tried  just holding his hand when they went out places but we would always slip away somehow, then we tried a leash backpack and he bit the leash until he was free without anyone knowing at Disneyland, we had to spend the end of the day there looking for him and then we tried a stroller and he hated it he would get out of it so easily

But I got something new we can try. A explosion proof baby carrier the one where you strap it on and the baby sits in the front, it's perfect he wont be able to get away cause he'll be sitting in sight at all times and hes super light and tiny so he can fit perfectly. Plus it will honestly look so cute!

Today its Saturday so are class is taking a mall field trip. We always end up staying at the mall tell it closes. Everyone is downstairs we are just waiting for everyone to be dressed right now we are waiting on bakugou, he finally came down in his shorts and sweater. He should honestly wear these types of clothes more often better then his "emo" all black type aesthetic

"Ok lets go!!!!" Mina sings and we all make it to the van with me driving

Once we arrived

"Ok first before we go in" I say everyone but bakugou knows

"What four eyes" he says annoyed I give kiri the look and he picks bakugou up by the arm pits as he squirms i put the baby carrier on

"No no no! That's too embarrassing and plus I'm not a baby!!!" Bakugou whines

"Your the only one to blame" I say and grab him from kiri and set him in facing me, he sits perfectly. His head it just a little bellow my chest so I'll be able to watch him perfectly

"Aww you look adorable!" Ururaka says everyone quickly agrees bakugou just huffs

"Alright let's go!" I yell bakugou begins  squirming

"No no no! No one can see me like this!" He yells trying to get out

"Bakugou calm down its ok" I say bouncing a little bit

"Iida pleaseee let me out" he says with puppy dog eyes

"No can do little one" I say and i pet his head he huffs but stops struggling and stuffed his face into my chest, we all walk in the mall

"Ok let's all stick together" Momo says we all nod

"Where too first?" Midoryia asks

"How about Spencer's" tokoyami suggests we all agreed

"I'll stay out here this isnt a place for bakugou" I say they all agree well all but 1

"What why I love Spencer's!" Bakugou whines

"Because it's not appropriate" I say he gets red

"But they can go in that's not fair!" He says I push his head back into my chest gently and pet his head

"I know it's not fair how about me and you go into this store since it right next to Spencer's" I say he looks at the store and huffs

"Its a TOY store I'm too old for it" he says I chuckle and walk inside he sighs hiding his face in my chest again. I walk around the store and I hear a little gasp

"Find something?" I ask looking down he points at a kuromi plushie

"You want it?" I ask he looks at me and nods eagerly I laugh and grab it and pay for it. He looks at it with stars in his eyes

"What do you say?" I ask

"Pleaseeeee" I chuckle and give it to him he holds it close to him, we walk out and meet with the rest of the class

"Where did you guys go?" Mina asks

"We went to the toy store!" I said bakugou hid his face into his new plushie they all cooed

"Let's grab some food" I say everyone immediately went to the food court

"Ice cream" bakugou starts bouncing

"Ok ok!" I say and walk over to the ice cream shop and get him strawberry ice cream

Once we was done we started falling asleep I bounce him softly until he was fully asleep. I laugh softly and kiss his head

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