Chapter 39: Rematch From Heaven And Hell! Athenas Rematch!!

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*a few days after evolving Adeona, Athena began feeling a lot better about herself and even started to get a lot stronger even without mastering the Limit Break System, she even joined the Bombers that day so she could get stronger! Athena was battling Sisco as a test for her left-spin mode*

Athena: Full power Adeona!!

Sisco: Let her have it! Roller Defense!!

*Adeona Royal collided with Satan with every ounce of it's power as it approached its Limit Break, the blades on the Royal ring spin and deal so much damage to Satan that it goes flying and lands next to Siscos foot*

Sisco: What in the-?

Athena: How's that?! Thats my Limit Break: Royal for ya!!

*Sisco pushed up his glasses and walked away while sulking*

Sisco: Somebody please knock that girl down a peg..

*Athena giggled as training began, todays training was 200 Pushups, 150 Sit-Ups and 300 Launches. Since Athena was very fit, that kind of training was pretty easy for her as opposed to Hikaru and Hyuga who could barely do 100 of each. 

Athena felt a dark feeling come over her as her happy and cheerful face turned to a look of sadness.. She wandered out of the Bombers without anyone noticing. Almost as if she was in a trance, she began walking to Lanes abandoned factory. As Athena walked through the streets, she trips and falls down. Out of nowhere, a girl only a couple years older than Athena appeared right in front of her*

???: Hey are you ok?

Athena: Yeah.. Im fine.. Just didn't look where I was going.

*the mysterious girl helps her up as Athena brushed the dirt off of her dress*

Athena: So what's your name?

Chiki: Chikari. Chikari Sakurai! Most people just call me Chiki.

Athena: Thats actually a really nice name, im Athena Valhalla!!

Chiki: No way! You're THE Athena Valhalla?!? I watched your battles at the Legend League, you're an exciting blader to watch.

*Athena smiled as Chikis eyes lit up in excitement and happiness*

Athena: W-Well thank you, are you a blader too?

Chiki: I sure am!

*the girl smiled as she pulled a bey from her pocket and revealed it to Athena*

Chiki: This is Lunatic Cthulhu, a stamina type.

*Athena stared in awe at the bey, her eyes sparkled at it*

Chiki: Unfortunately I can't battle you right now but id be down to do it later.

*Athena nods as they say their goodbyes and Athena continues to head to the abandoned factory where Lane resided. She stood at the factories main entrance as she stared into its dark abyss.. as Athena started to walk in, every bad memory started coming back*

Athena: It's all his fault.. Every bad thing that has happened was all because of him. Well today, no more! I'll burn away Lanes darkness even if it kills me..

*Athena ventured further into the factory as her white aura blazed out around her, when she reached the main room where she finds Lane, a sick feeling rises in the pit of her stomach as Lane glares at her*

Lane: What do you want? Athena Valhalla..

Athena: It's simple, i want to face you again.

Lane: You really think I'm going to accept a challenge from a loser like you?!

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