Ruggie Bucchi as a boyfriend

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A/n: Photo belongs to twst-shenanigans on tumblr

Dorm: Savanaclaw
Birthday: April 18
Zodiac: Aries
Age: 17
Height: 171cm
Hobby: Part time jobs
Favorite food: Donuts
Dislike food: Rotten things

🍩 You practically perfected the art of cooking donuts while dating him

🍩 Always helping him with the chores at his dorm

🍩 Returns the favor by doing acts of service for you

🍩 Literally husband material

🍩 He won't admit it, but he loves when you scratch the back of his ears

🍩 Likes quality quite time when it comes to dates

🍩 He can play both small and big spoon when cuddling

🍩 Quick kisses every day

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