Azul Ashengrotto as a boyfriend

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A/n: Photo belongs to twst-shenanigans on tumblr

Dorm: Octavinelle
Birthday: February 24
Zodiac: Pisces
Age: 17
Height: 176cm
Hobby: Collecting coins
Favorite food: Deep fried food
Dislike food: Nutritionally balanced food

🐙 From enemies to lovers

🐙 'No Azul, I don't need a contract to date you...'

🐙 Crybaby

🐙 Needs lots of love and support

🐙 Cuddly af when he's tired after a long day

🐙 Takes you all the fancy places for dates

🐙 Kisses on the hand/knuckles

🐙 One of the very few who he'll show his merman form to

🐙 Can't say no when you cook for him, even if they have high calories

🐙 You're his safe place

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