"I couldn't believe what they just said how could they even do this to me."

  "Simi calm down"

"Sonny tell me what do I do seriously I don't understand one thing why would they arrange my married without asking me.

"Simi why don't you tell this to samir he will come up with solution,

I don't know how would I tell this to samir, I know my parents they won't change their mind since I was a kid they use to make me do what ever they say they even wanted me to study home schooled but I refused thanks to my brother he is like my second father.

"Sonny I will talk to raj about this I will tell him everything about me and samir would you help me"

"Of course  silly how would I leave you in this situation you are my best friend and like my sister"

" after Sonia left My mother, roti roller in one hand and cordless phone in the other, barged into my room and ordered me to talk to her sister in South India. I already knew what this was about: My aunt had enlisted a professional matchmaker to find me a groom. What they want now they already find one.

"Mom please for the last time I don't want get marry right now I want finish my studies"

"Simran no more discussion you getting marry that's it end of discussion, now take the phone a and talk to your aunt why is this happening to me I just sat there crying can't do anything about my life getting ruined,My pain can never end I think as I get the knife again. Slash a line across my chest, Throw my head back and bleed the rest.

The crimson pulses from my wound,
I hope it doesn't end too soon.
I've lived and died so many times,
But that doesn't cover up my lies why my own parents doing this to me I thought one thing that they are not my parents for second,When the blood stops flowing, I change so my blood won't be showing.  Rejoin the crowd and smile, 
My thoughts darkening all the while, i chuckle at the thought of my innocence,These fools don't take much to convince.Love will never find my heart, Everyone's lives seem like works of art. My blood only intoxicates, it no longer keeps me alive, I've ALWAYS had to struggle, to strive.I yearn for strength, for insight, But I fear...I'll never see the light. "I didn't even talk my aunt I hang up the call and headed to my brother's room knocking it he answered"

"Come in"

"Taking deep breath  I mumbled to my self oh god please make this easy for me"

"What's up sis!!!, I rolled my eyes  and answered him

" nothing,  Raj I need to talk to you"
"He put down his phone which he was using and told me to sit beside him, I obeyed and sat.  "So what do you want to talk about"

"Umm I really don't know how to start this situation oh god I was thinking what do and how will he react  about. "when I heard him calling me"

"Sis where are you lost he said" . "nowhere sorry"

"So are you going tell me or what"

" yes raj the thing is that I don't want this married can you talk to mom and dad please I said. I know my brother he will support and am willing him to support me with this decision"

"Simi I know you don't want this married and I also know that mom and dad won't change their minds but I will try my best talk to them"

"Thanks raj I said hugging him"

                                           RAJ P.O.V

"I know my parents they are just forcing her to this married and I know my sister very well and I will support her, I saw her looking here and there simran do you want to tell me something else I asked and she nodded".

Simi: "Umm raj before I tell you this promise me something that our relationship will be the same nothing can change promise me that."

"I actually don't know what so say I can't say no to my sister and I don't know what she is going to tell me but whatever it is I hope its good thing, "raj promise me she said again"

"Ok I promise you that. "Simi You are more than my sister.You are my best friend
You are the one that will be there
when my heart needs to mend." I love you sister more than you will ever know,You are my other half with you I am whole I said that I felt my getting moisture before I could say anything else she just hugged me so tight and start sobbing, I love you too she said. " Ok now I feel like am girl I said while chuckling she did the Same so tell me now because I need to go somewhere"

Simi: "raj I love someone"

"When the words escaped from her lips to say I was shocked couldn't say a word, I just started questioning her, and may I know who is he I said with serious look"

Simi: "he is umm samir"


"Omg she finally told her that she in relationship with samir",!!!!!!!??
"What will raj do now???!!!
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