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                                   SAMIR'S P.O.V

"I woke up on someone screaming I already know who it was my mom she always screams at my little sister"

I love my sister sumi she is just everything to me, who doesn't love their siblings, getting off from the bed headed to the as shower well no school today so I can't more time then I usually do.

"Bro mom is calling you for breakfast my little sister informed me"

" OK am coming in 5 minute I replied"

"But you better hurry up or else you what mom will do she said while smiling ear to ear"

" OK sumi omg sometimes you can be so annoying gosh now can you get out so i can change and don't forget to close the door am warning you although every time you escape from me but this time you won't I said with serious look"

" wow someone is mad today did you fight with my future sister in law, she said after that she ran away I shook my head with her silliness!!! Oh that's reminds me of my phone where is my phone, shit so Many calls from Raj and texts read his messages i starred to worrie I just hope everything is good!!!.


                                 RAJ'S P.O.V

I don't know what to do what ever my sister told me yesterday am still confused what to do should I accept it, or reject my sister and my friend they love each other and I know that my parents won't accept their relationship,ughh am so confused oh god plz help me I love my sister I can do anything for her.

"Hey man"

"I look up and saw Samir standing in front of me replying him hey have a sit, I ask him to sit down he did as I said, i want to talk to you about something important,

Samir: "Ok what is it bro. Get to the point why are you acting like you're scared of something?"

"Samir the thing is my sister is getting arrange married and I know you too are in love with each other so, I talked to my sister and she told me everything about you and I'm glad that she chose the right person and I know you love my sister more then you love your self and I will support you guys."

" WHAT!?!?!" Samir gasped "I can't believe it how did, and when did they arrange the marrige?"

" When we were at Mumbai they arranged the marriage without asking Simran if she wanted to get married, so I asked them if they talked to her and they said no, why do we have to talk to her we are her parents we decide it."

"Raj Your sister is a human being. Human beings have the right to make choices. They are not property of you're parents. If your parents wanted something they could control, they should've bought a puppy or something like that instead of having a child."

" I know I will never let my sister marry a guy and my parents are doing this because the guy is rich."

" Raj don't worry I promise you that I won't let this marriage happen."

"Thanks Samir I know you care about my sister and I won't even let my parents ruin her life ever."

Samir and Raj walked out of the cafe and went to their separate cars.

Simran was in her room pacing back and forth while thinking about calling Sonia but she got a call from Samir.


"Hey what's up?"

"Nothing much just about to call Sonia"

" Ohh but you sound so sad." He replied worried

"Oh no just tired"

"Simran I know You're hiding something from me and I know everything, I met Raj today and he told me everything you don't have to worry I will fix everything please don't stress your self and I promise, you won't marry someone other than me."

"I completely trust you I know you will fix everything because I trust you, and i will be fine don't worry.

" can we meet"

"At this hour I think you are crazy".

" yeah am coming in 5 minutes , but with that he hang up the call, this guy is crazy I thought to my self.

I have to tell Raj so my parents won't suspect about our relationship.

Samir's P.O.V

I went inside my car and started driving after couple of minutes I reached her house. I ring the bell aunty ( simrans mom) answered it.

" hello aunty"

" hello son come on it why are you standing outside she said replying me back, "thank you Aunty!, Is Raj here I asked I can't say I came here to meet Simran or else I will be dead meat.

"Yes he is in his room"


" Bro what are you doing here at this time raj asked",

"Raj since I came her you have been asking the same question again and again and I told you I came here to meet my girl I replied while looking at Simran who is sitting Infront of me ",




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