Simran's P.O.V

"Mom I told you I don't want to marry I told you like a hundreds times why don't you understand it , I said with serious look but she won't give up"

"Simran look how old you are and did you see all the cousins are same age as you and they all married and you sitting here and doing nothing for me"!

She only talks about my cousins are married thats why can't they understand I don't want to get marry. " mom I don't care about my cousins why don't you understand it I want to finish my school first then comes marriage."

"You know what Simran I will talk to your dad to fix the alliance for you with that she left the room. " I just sit there saying nothing what should I do now because my own my is forcing me to unknown person I never met him before I felt like killing myself I never expected to happen this to me. I called Sonia two rings she picked up the phone.

"Heyy simi what's up as usual she started screaming over the phone

"Hey I replied"

"Simi is there problem she asked worriedly this girl knows me more then anyone else. My voice started cracking up and I busted into tears.

" simi stop crying and what the hell happed did you fight with samir she asked.

"No sonny the..y they are fixing my marriage and and I don't know what to do am tired of fighting with them and my dad said if I do something against his decisions he may disown me I don't what to do I am about to give.up and let my life to be ruined.

"Simi tell them you love someone else." You think they will accept him?!!

"I don't know tell so what are you going to do now did you tell Samir about this".

"No I don't know how am I gonna tell him I don't want to hurt him I know he will be hurt if i tell him this sonny I don't what to do".

"Get ready am coming to pick you up".

"But where are we going,! Do as I say go and get ready I will be there in 2 minutes"!

"Ugh fine"!!


I heard the bell ring I think it must be Sonia taking my burse and headed to downstairs

"Heyy simi waz up ready to go"

" hey I replied with smile and I can see my mom questioning face, mom I will be back by 8:00 she nodded without looking at me and I heard car honking, bye mom, closing the door behind me headed to the car,!! So where are we going now? I asked sonia. "We are going to watch movie and go out for dinner".

"Ohhh that's sounds like fun I replied with big smile on my face omg sonny I love you i said giving her side hug ."

"No problem, can't see my girl sad she said winking at me, after it felt like 20 min driving we reached our destination and Sonia parked the car then we got off and headed inside the theater to get our tickets we brought the tickets and our snacks and left to watch the movie.."thanks sonny that's was fun I enjoyed it".
"Hey don't thank me it was my duty to cheer you up I can't see my girl sad so I did what I had to."


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