Merina walked along with the crowd across the wet pavement. Gripping her scarf closely around her neck hiding almost half of her face, she'd always been self-conscious about her body. Always paranoid, always fading onto the background as much as possible.

She'd been the ultimate outcast in her highschool and the beginnings of her University. Horrible flashbacks went through her mind keeping from being outgoing and fierce as she had been once before. Then finally she redesigned herself; physically, emotionally, and rationally her best friend had kicked in, when she had been admitted into a hospital because she had accidentally overdosed. He had helped and still is helping her, now she was more outgoing and proud.

Walking into her building she greeted the doorman, whose name is Matthew, hurrying one the elevator car which was mostly empty except for one or two of her neighbors. Pressing her the 30th floor she stepped back and blanked out completely. Suddenly a figure stepped in the already closing elevator doors, studying his attire she concluded him some type of businessman. Well, a grey three piece suit, black dress shoes, a suitcase and a sexy clean, yet messy cut that would make any woman fall to her knees and beg.

Merina closed her eyes as the car started to move. As the car stopped a few times and her mind told her to get out in one of the stops and take the stairs or wait for another car but her feet never moved finally after they reached her floor she murmured a small 'Goodbye'. Reaching for her key, she opened it and took off her boots shutting the door and sliding off her coat putting away her purse, keys and phone on the table near by.

Heading towards the bathroom she took off her clothes and turned the knob and warmed the water she stepped in and cleaned off the days sweat.

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