Chapter 38: The White Suns Rebirth! Adeona Evolves!!

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*a few days passed after of the mind-blowing events of the Legend League Finals and Athenas shoulder eventually got better and she finally got the brace off. When she left the doctors office, she meets Rantaro outside*

Athena: Rantaro?! What are you doing here?

Rantaro: Hows it going?

Athena: Pretty good, i can finally get back to blading again and evolve Adeona!

Rantaro: Well that's great news! And speaking of which, Hikaru and Hyuga are nice enough to let you use their workspace.

Athena: Those two just really like me! Not like theres anything wrong with that though.

Rantaro: Ha, i suppose that makes sense. Come on, let's get your bey fixed.

*Athena smiled and they both walked through the city to The Bombers, meanwhile Elaina visited Lanes abandoned factory once more. She walked over and sat next to him*

Elaina: Lane?

Lane: What do you want now?!

Elaina: Just wanted to say that your sister is doing well, she got her brace off today and her shoulder is fine! Such a good girl she is!!

*Lane got up and walked off into another part of the factory, his emotionless expression really showed that he did not care whatsoever*

Lane: And that affects me, how?

Elaina: D-Do you just not care about her at all?! You two are supposed to be like inseperable but instead you're just completely divided, something i never thought would be possible!

Lane: Just save it! Athena is an absolute nuisance and she is completely brittle and weak as proven by the finals!

Elaina: And yet she was strong enough to make it as far as she did. Is that the power of someone who is weak?

Lane: Pure luck was all it was..

Elaina: Thats what you said when Athena won every single contest when y'all were little, though back then you meant it in a more joking manner.

Lane: And now I'm dead serious.

*Disappointed, Elaina sighed knowing she was getting nowhere and started to walk away before saying..*

Elaina: You know Lane.. I went through unspeakable pain giving birth to you and Athena. I would go through that suffering again a hundred times over only for you guys, i love you guys that much. Its not too late to step into the light.

*Elaina turned and walked out of the factory, leaving Lane alone. Meanwhile at The Bombers, Athena was greeted with happy smiles and hugs by Hikaru and Hyuga, Shu and Valt were there too as Athena had asked them to hold on to Adeonas remains until she healed*

Shu: You finally made it.

Athena: Yeah sorry it took so long, Pretty long walk.

Valt: Adeona is in the back room, everything you need to evolve it is there too

Athena: Thanks Valt.. And everyone else too!

*she walked into the back room and got straight to work, she took to the computer and started designing the new Adeona, she used beys from different systems like God Valkyrie, Spriggan Requiem, Cho-Z Achilles, Imperial Dragon, Master Diabolos, Helios Volcano and Hyperion Burn as references and ideas but she couldn't think of a design even with the beys shown in front of her, Athena was now starting to get very frustrated!*

Athena: Gaaahhh!!! Even with designs in front of my face i can't come up with a design!!!!

*Adeonas fragments on the table start glowing and pulls her into the Avatar World! Adeonas body wasnt there but its voice still lingered around like a detached soul*

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