Chapter 37: The Dance Of Light And Darkness! Athena VS Lane!!

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~almost all Athenas life, she grew up without a dad in her life and she had pretty bad anxiety and depression when she was younger. At 7 years old because of a rather visible birth mark that was on her right shoulder, she and Lane both became homeschooled and Elaina eventually found a new job. She never truly loved her father, mainly because he was so abusive and hateful to the family he tried to raise. He died in a bar shootout on her 6th birthday. Even though Athena always tried seeing the good in people it was impossible in her dads case.. And then came the New York Bulls where everything changed..~


*Athena and Lane took position as the second battle began*

Lane: This will be the final round as I shatter Adeona into pieces!!

Athena: Yeah, good luck with that.

Referee: Second Battle!!

*Athena took a deep breath and relaxed, she fearlessly looked at Lane who had entered his Demon state*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!

*Athenas launch was so strong, her launcher cracked even more*

*the beys landed in the stadium, Adeona wasted no time in unleashing a heavy attack on Lucifers barrier*

Athena: Say goodbye to that barrier!! Guiding Shoot!!

*Adeona attacked with all it had as it bombarded the barrier with heavy attacks*

Lane: Meaningless! Flare Wall!!!

*Adeona was blown back but it recovered and sped up in the L Plate*

Athena: Full power, Adeona!!!

*Adeona left the plate as it sped around the stadium*

Athena: Go, shine Adeona!!

Athena: Go, shine Adeona!!

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Athena: Now burst!!!

*Adeona pushes through the barrier and sends Lucifer flying as it burst!*

Lane: W-What!?!

Referee: Guide Adeona with a burst finish!! Athena Valhalla earns 2 points! The score is now 2-2!

*the crowd cheered as Athena picked up her bey, Lane put his bey back together and screamed in frustration as his dark Flare raged out*

Athena: L-Lane?!

Lane: You'll regret messing with me!! Thats it, Adeona will be destroyed!!!

Athena: Like id let you!

Referee: Third Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*the force of Athenas launch so intense that it shattered and she felt a massive surge of pain rush through her shoulder! However that didn't deter Adeonas speed as it landed in the stadium and zoomed around the stadium at high speeds*

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