Chapter 39

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What is one of your best memories from your career?

What is the most memorable moment from your career?

What is the funniest thing a fan has ever said/done to you?

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever said/done to you?

How do you like your teammates?

Your coach?

Have you ever met Michael Jordan?

If so, what was he like?

Have you met any other basketball stars who you idolized before you were famous?

Have you ever had anyone revert because of you being Muslim?

Hana reread the questions she had written to Houssam, cced her brother, and pressed send, looking forward to his answers. She had thought long and hard about the questions to send him, she was genuinely curious as to what he had to say, especially about his most memorable moments.

As she waited for him to reply, she pulled up the article Abdullah had sent her for the next week on Malcolm X. The article was a good length, it was well written, full of enthusiasm, and she really liked it.

Salaam Br. Abdullah,

InshaAllah you are doing well.

I just wanted to let you know that the article was perfect MashaAllah :) It was well written and researched, and I was really impressed. I can't wait to read the remaining installments!

Barak Allahu Feek!


Almost immediately her phone beeped, and she felt her heart speed up until she realized that it wasn't Houssam but Abdullah.

Walaikumasalaam Sister Hana!

Barak Allahu Feeki for reading it! I am so glad that you enjoyed it, it means a lot to me. I really admire your writing and your works, so it really is like a huge compliment to hear you were impressed! May Allah swt bless our efforts, and reward you immensely for leading us!



Aw that was really sweet of him. She knew that he had read her things because he was coeditor of the paper, and she had sent him everyone's papers so he could make sure she hadn't missed anything. Although she hadn't finished Houssam's, she had done articles on a few other people in case she and Houssam didn't fix their problems, and she had to submit someone else. It was very sweet of him.

She pulled up her article on Houssam, rereading what she had written the night before.

Though Houssam had the odds stacked against him, he never gave up, giving it his all to achieve his dream. He didn't let the impossible scare him, and for Houssam, 'impossible' is not even in his vocabulary. When I asked him what advice he had to give to those who may fear that their dreams are out of reach, he said,

'Never give up hope. Hold onto hope like it's a lifeline. Anything is possible don't ever disregard a dream because someone tells you that you can't do it or you think it is impossible. If Allah swt has willed it for you, it will happen. Just pray.

Just pray.

Oh how much Hana prayed that if it was meant to be with Houssam it would work out. She prayed every single day for what seemed like years. Every single day after Isha prayer, she would get down on her knees, raise her hands up in the air, and pour her heart out. Even though sometimes she couldn't speak for the tears would overcome her, she knew that Allah swt heard her pleas. And she had faith and trust that whatever was best for her, He would do it for her.

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