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Aaka's POV

" Here is my schedule " He told
I was confused at first, I looked at the side where he mentioned. I saw a paper on the table. I looked at him again, Taehyung looked at me and broke the eye contact and licked his lips.

I took the paper and scanned it. I looked at him " Why? Why you did that? " I frowned my eyebrows

" You asked for my schedule and here it is, now go" Taehyung told coldly

" Seriously! Yah stop fooling around!! Arasso? " I yelled a bit and crumbled the paper in my hand

" I called you to give my schedule, it's done you may go now " He told coldly and gave me a cold gaze.

" But you-"

" I have to wake up early tomorrow, so please leave " He told annoyingly and rubbed his temple

I bit my lips in annoy and left his room.

Taehyung's POV

I felt my heart flutter when my lips met her. Her lips are so soft. I noticed that Aaka is so vulnerable under me. It was her punishment to ignore me and being so close to other male. I was kissing her, I had my full control on her. At the very moment I realized what I was doing, I parted from her. I don't know what gotten into me. My heart was hammering into my chest. I don't know what is in Aaka, which attracts me subconsciously.

* Jennie is in my heart so why I'm feeling like this around Aaka? Why I like this sight of her, when Aaka is vulnerable around me? * I thought

I know that Aaka wanted an answer for my previous behavior but I don't know the answer.

I've to get a hold on myself.

"You can't feel like this Taehyung, Aaka is nothing to you, she is just a stranger and this marriage is nothing, remember what Jennie told ok" I told to myself and closed my eyes but the moment we shared minutes ago, pictured in my mind

I flattered my eyes open and fisted my hair in madness.

" Ughh why? You can't think like this Tae, Aaka is nothing, she is nothing!! " I screamed in frustration.

Aaka's POV

I went to my room and sat down on my bed.

" Why Taehyung, why are you doing this to me? How long I am going to be like this. My heart still beats for you " I told to myself, tears rolled down from my eyes.

" Again you are playing with my feelings, maybe this kiss doesn't matter to you but for me it matters, I'm a normal girl, I do have feelings too " I sobbed

I wiped my tears and opened the crumbled paper. I checked his schedule.

" I try to be cold towards you but your actions don't let me, but I won't give up Mr Kim Taehyung " I sniffed

Next day

As usual we woke up, ate our breakfast, today I don't have to go to my company but I have to go to Bighit Entertainment for some official works about our previous collaboration shoot.

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