Chapter 2:

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Bryna and Brei in MM.

(pronounced Brin-a & Bre)


2 and half years later...


"Damn that's really what we doing Karmen?" Brandon said through the phone.

I yawned. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"So why I am I getting letters telling me you fuckin with some nigga."

I sat up waking up fully now. "Bye Brandon I'm about to hang up on ya dumbass because you sound real fuckin crazy."

"You didn't deny or confirm it tho."

"I don't gotta deny or confirm shit. Wait," I paused. "You send me every letter you get from these bitches and we laugh at them together. What the fuck is different about this one?"

"Because they knew you got my name tatted under ya tit, ya left one to be exact. How the fuck they knew that?"

"Are you fuckin serious?" I ask. "Anybody and everybody knows that. And if they don't they can always find the fuck out."

"Yeah alright, don't get fucked up out here Karmen."

"I wish you were in front of me right now so I could slap the shit outta you. You really woke me up this early for some bullshit. No I love you or nothing."

"I love you Karmen." He said smirking, I'm sure.

"Eat my puss, asshole." I snapped while smiling.

He chuckled. "You gotta threaten me with something I wouldn't like bae."

"I can't stand you, but I love you too."

"Where my girls?"

"Laid up under me slee-" I was cut off by the automated voice. "Brandon why the fuck do we only have five minutes left?"


"Brandon!" I say in a warning tone.

"I called moms."

"You ain't talk to her for that fuckin long nigga. Don't do that, don't bullshit me. You get thirty minutes a day to talk on the fuckin phone and we've only been on this bitch for like five."


"Oh so you using ya minutes to talk to other bitches now?"

"Nah, but the bitch put the number in the letter so-"

"Dont expect me to be at your next visit since you wanna be believing these hoes out here." I snapped into the phone before hanging up.


"Mommy I stay home with you." Brei said as I got her clothes out for school.

My baby is now five and just started school. It's like, where the hell did the time go?

"You gotta go to school and get smart tho boo." I said taking off her scarf off her head.

"Pick me up early?" She asks holding her pinky out.

"I gotchu boo." I said holding our pinkies together.

"Can I talk to daddy today?" She asks.

"Uh, tomorrow when he calls boo." I answer.

Throughout these two and a half years of Brandon being in jail it has been hard without him but we have been managing to keep it together and are going to continue until he gets home.

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