Chapter 35: Full-Force Bonds! Semi-Finals!

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~the next day came and Athena was on the elevator to her match. She wasn't afraid or timid like she used to be, she was determined to win. When she got to the top, the crowd was cheering loudly as Aiga appeared too. The 2 walked up to the stadium~

Aiga: Finally! I get to have my revenge after that one time.. No mercy this time!

Athena: I've beaten Aiga before and i'll do it again! however after seeing his performance, i certainly can't underestimate him even now.

Referee: The Semi-Final and Finals matches will go to 3 points instead of 2! Spin and Over Finishes are 1 point, Bursts are 2!!

~this was a great thing but also a bad thing at the same time! If one of them got a burst in the first battle then the opponent would have a chance to make a comeback.~ 

Referee: First Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Adeona and Achilles land in the stadium*

Athena: Perfect! Now go Adeona!

Aiga: Blow it away! Achilles!!

*Adeona and Achilles clashed rapidly as streams of red and purple fly across the arena*

Aiga: Push it back! Infinite Buster!!

Athena: Go!! Guide Slash!!

*both beys clash and both go flying out and Achilles hit the ground first*

Athena: Yes!!

Aiga: What?!

Referee: Guide Adeona with an over finish! Athena gets 1 point!!

Aiga: Not bad but this is only the beginning!!

*Athena smiled as the second battle began. Elaina watched, hopeful that her daughter would win*

Athena: Full power Adeona!!

*Adeona and Achilles weren't backing down as their fierce clash ensued*

Aiga: Knock it out of there! Infinite Sword!!

*the swords glowed and Adeona went flying and burst, leaving Athena surprised!*

Referee: Infinite Achilles with a burst finish, the score is now 2-1!

*Athena put her bey back together and looked up at Aiga*

Athena: You and Achilles are amazing but i'll be the one who wins!

Aiga: No it'll be me!!

Referee: Third Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!

*the 2 beys landed in the stadium as they prepared to clash head-on*

Athena: Now go!!

Aiga: Blow it away!!

*Adeona and Achilles clashed back and forth as blasts of energy and wind erupt from the stadium*

Aiga: Send it flying! Infinite Buster!!

Athena: Meet the attack! Guiding Upper!!

*Adeona and Achilles clash with full force! In the avatar world, Adeona and Achilles were locked in a fierce brawl as their loud battle cries echoed above their users*

Athena: Keep going Adeona!! Give em all you got!!

Aiga: Knock it out Achilles! No mercy!!

*both beys get blown back*

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