Chapter 34: Legendary Battle! Valt Vs Shu! (PLEASE READ A/N)

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(Chapter was changed from "The Most Intense Battle Ever" to this)

A/N: Im 1000000% sure most of you lot are here for Valt VS Shu but it would mean a lot to me if you read the whole thing and not skip over to one battle and leave after. Please? Thanks so much! Love you tons! ~ Author 

Enjoy! :D


*the battle began and Lucifer was wasting no time, it took Wyvern and pushed it into the wall*

Wakiya: Wait no! Wyvern hold on!!

Lane: Crush it! Flare Press!!

*Wyvern burst, therefore Wakiya lost the match*

Wakiya: What?!?

Referee: Flare Lucifer with a burst finish! Lane Valhalla moves on to the semi-finals!

*Lane roared victoriously as his flare grew even more. Black flames began merging with the purple. The thing Athena had feared was finally happening: The dark flare Lane possessed was starting to destroy him*


*it would be a minute before Valt and Shu's match so Athena went and found Lane, who was walking through the halls doing nothing*

Athena: Lane!

*Lane stopped and looked back at her*

Athena: Your flare is starting to break you and yet you continue to push yourself past your limit!

Lane: Not this shit again..

Athena: When does it end Lane?! All you ever care about is power, power and more power! You aren't some sort of god! You are incredibly selfish and cruel more than anything!!

*Lane snapped! He pushed Athena into the wall and backhanded her across the face as she fell back. Athenas nose began bleeding but she didn't give a damn as she got up and endured it*

Athena: And that proves my point.. You hurt people who don't deserve to be hurt. You've taken everything from me and the bladers you battled, especially me, You insult me, you assault me and throw me aside like I don't matter!! One day, you're gonna regret the things you've done and I hope im there to see the look on your face when that happens..

*Lane tightened his grip on Athenas collar*

Lane: And why would I regret anything? You mean nothing to me because you are nothing! If we fight in the finals then I will certainly take EVERYTHING from you! I will shatter Adeona to pieces, as well as your confidence and your will to fight!! And you have the audacity to call me selfish when we both know that you stole the spotlight in everything you did while I had to go without! Well now the roles have been reversed and now I outshine YOU!! How does it feel!?

Athena: I was never in it for the spotlight.. Its not my fault i was good at everything I did and had stellar natural talent!

Lane: There is no such thing as "Natural Talent"!

*he releases her and walks away, Athena wiped away the blood and headed to the arena for the 4th match which had already started. The score was 0-1, Shu had gotten an Over-Finish in the first battle and there had been several draws since then*

Valt: Not bad Shu, you definitely have gotten stronger!

Shu: You're not doing so bad either.

Referee: Ninth Battle!

*Shu changed Spriggan into Left Defense Mode as the 2 took their positions*

Referee: Ready Set!

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