Chapter 33: Aiga VS Xhaka!!

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~the next day came and people began flooding into the Sparking Arena, Athena unfortunately was about to learn a terrible truth. Lane had destroyed Hyperion and Helios the night before.~

Athena: Destroyed?! Last night!?

Aiga: Yes, but no need to worry because they finished their new beys this morning.

*he showed her a tablet which showed the specs of the new beys*

Aiga: Hyugas new bey is Hyperion Burn and Hikarus is Helios Volcano.

Athena: They dont have a chassis! It just has some funky looking disk.

Aiga: Thats the thing. They're apart of some new type of Sparking System. The Limit Break System is what they called it. These new types of beys have some sort of special ability that activate when their disks move to a certain point.

Athena: Limit Break System? Special Ability? huh, Interesting..

*the 2nd round of the Legend League was starting, the first match was Aiga Vs Xhaka! The 2 bladers walked to the stadium*

Xhaka: Aiga Akaba. Its been a while.

Aiga: Yeah it has.

Xhaka: Unfortunately, i won't be able to take that Championship Belt off your shoulders but at least I'll have the glory of defeating you!

Aiga: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Athena: They definitely seem fired up.

Valt: Yeah, Aiga and Xhaka are some of the most hot-headed people I know. Put the two together and not even i know whats gonna happen..

Referee: First Battle!

*Aiga had changed to Infinite Shield while Xhaka had flipped his sword winder to the Power side*

Referee: Ready Set!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!

*Xcalibur landed in the stadium and spun at high speeds, in fact it was spinning faster than usual. It blew right past Achilles, causing it to go off balance*

Aiga: So fast!

*Achilles was able to recover and sped toward Xcalibur*

Aiga: Infinite Guard!!

*4 shields surround Achilles as Xcalibur began closing the gap*

Xhaka: Heh.. Yeah that'll save you!.. DO IT XCALIBUR!! DESTROY THEM WITH X-SABER!!!

*Xcalibur broke through Achilles' defenses and sent it flying and it hit the ground and burst, leaving Aiga absolutely shocked*

Referee: Zone Xcalibur with a Over Finish! Xhakuenji Kaiza earns 1 point!

Aiga: What in the world was that?!

Xhaka: Just a little technique i came up with. Incredible stuff right?

*The Laughing Giant let out a big laugh*

Aiga: X-Saber.. Looks like Xhaka aint playing around today. In that case, i'll use the Swords this time. Sword Vs Sword as they would say!

Referee: Second Battle! Ready Set!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Achilles and Xcalibur land in the stadium*

Aiga: Now go!!

Xhaka: Finish this in one blow! X-Saber!!

*the two beys clashed hard and began a rapid back and forth frenzy of blows, the incredible sight lit Athenas heart ablaze as she was starting to get fired up. Aiga and Xhaka yelled out as their beys clashed fiercely, it was an all out brawl between Infinite Sword and X-Saber*

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