Chapter 31: Lanes Reign Of Terror! The Devils Mark!

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*the day of Block B's matches came, there was no time to waste. The match between Delta and Lane was starting. Delta began coming up with a plan and even analyzed the stadium*

Delta: Since nobody has used the Upper Deck in their matches, i'll use it to land on Lucifer and hopefully burst it and there will be nothing he can do.

Lane: Delta Akane.. I have a prediction: In the first battle no matter who gets it, it will be a Over Finish. In the second, Diabolos will fall to pieces! What do you say to that?!

Delta: I know what you're trying to do and it isn't going to work. You can't scare me. For this battle, i will using Abyss Diabolos and i will burst you. So there won't be a second round.

Lane: We'll see about that soon enough.

*Athena watched from the crowd and looked worried as the battle began. Drum loudly started cheering for Delta*

Referee: First Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*the 2 beys land in the stadium! As planned, Diabolos headed to the upper deck*

Delta: Thats it! Keep going!

Lane: So he's trying to gain enough speed to crush my barrier.. Its no use!

*Diabolos gained enough speed and flew towards Lucifer*

Lane: Wait what?!

Delta: Go! Abyss Smash!

*Diabolos landed directly on top of Lucifer, sending it flying out*

Referee: Abyss Diabolos with an Over Finish! 1 Point is awarded to Delta Akane!

Lane: Looks like my prediction is starting to come true.. To fulfill it, i will break Diabolos in the second and final battle!

Delta: Only in your dreams buddy.

Lane: Dreams do come true.

*the Devils Mark activated. Fiery Symbols flow across his body and face as his muscles grow, his teeth become almost like that of a shark. Athena almost fell over in terror as she could only watch her brother turn into a monster, there was nothing she could do! Delta almost lost his composure but still managed to keep it*

Demon Lane: How do you like me now?

Delta: Makes no difference to me.

Referee: Second Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!

*the beys landed into the stadium, Lucifers barrier didn't come out but was still spinning at a rapid pace in its Counter Mode*

Delta: Go Diabolos!! Shine through!

*Diabolos turned gold as it emitted gold and red sparkles, there was no doubt about it: It was Gold Turbo* 

Demon Lane: Its useless! My flare will just consume it all!!

Delta: No you wont!! Diabolos!!

Delta: No you wont!! Diabolos!!

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