Introduction: The Speed Boat Racer

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Racing, competing, it's in my blood.

It's a part of me.

It’s a part of my life,

I have been doing it all my life and it stands out above everything else.

That's my own quote. Tss. Don't like this.

Zandra: Wag ka ng maarte. Be fair.

ME: Whatever! Parang may choice naman ako. *smirks*

 Full Name: Yzzabelle Lindsay Clayworth

Age: 23

Status: Single

Kind of Race: Speed Boat Racing

Yeah I'm single. I don't like to entertain some suitors for a while. NBSB? Nope, just don't want to. I’m half Filipino, one fourth Korean and Scottish. Born to hold the great empire business of my father. I am an only child. Like I care for that. Well I do, without that business baka hindi din ako maging racer. I love being a racer, although hobby ko na lang siya, I can drive a car, a plane, a chopper, a motorbike but I definitely love driving a speed boat. That's my forte, speed boat racing. I'm the best in that sports, kahit hindi pa ito ganoon ka famous sa bansa. Youngest speed boat racer ever. I'm also a sharpshooter, model, photographer, basta about designing that's me din.




Zabelle is on the right side. ^_^v Pretty isn't she?






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