Chapter 30: Ultimate Attack! War Between Legends!

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*Athenas match was about to start, she headed to the lift to take her to the arena. She had already changed Adeona into Angelic Adeona*

Athena: Lets do our best, Adeona..

*she got onto the lift and it carried her up to the arena. When she got to the top, Lui was almost at the stadium, she dashed over to the stadium*

Athena: Alright Lui! Let's get this show on the road!!

Lui: *laughs* very well! You'll be such perfect prey for Longinus!!

*Lane watched from a distance, his bey glowed as the battle was about to begin*

Referee: First Battle! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Adeona and Longinus land in the stadium with very strong launches*

Athena: Alright, looking good!!

Lui: Go Longinus! Bare your fangs!!

*Longinus attacked ruthlessly, throwing Adeona off balance*

Athena: No! Adeona!!

*Longinus' attacks were causing major to Adeona, Longinus knocked Adeona sky high*

Athena: Ah!! Heh, i had a feeling you'd do that.

Lui: What?

*Adeonas flare activated as it dove down towards the stadium and straight for Longinus*

Athena: Go!! Angelic Supernova!!

Lui: I see.. So that's whats happening!

*Longinus was preparing for a huge counter*

Lui: Demolish it Longinus! Raging Upper!!

*with no effort at all, Longinus broke through and Adeona was blown out of stadium*

Athena: Ahh! No!!

Referee: Rage Longinus! Over Finish! 1 Point is awarded to Lui!

*Athena picked up her bey and looked down at it*

Athena: Adeona.. Our move failed..

Lui: *laughs* Angelic Supernova.. I like it!! I'll give you props for surprising me!

Athena: Tch.. Is he- is he making fun of me?

Referee: Second Battle!!

Athena: I get it now! When i defeated Spriggan, i landed directly on top of it.. But just now my attack was off-center and that allowed Lui to unleash his crazy upper attack.. I'll try the move again.. PROPERLY!.. However I have a little surprise in store for him.. Maybe i'll trick him into thinking i'll use it!

Lui: She will definitely be using that move again, my strategy will remain the same.

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Adeona and Longinus land in the stadium from the strong Sparking Shoots!*

Athena: Alright! Go- EH?!

Lui: Longinus!

*Longinus was speeding up in the L Plate and dashed towards its prey*

Athena: Crap!

*Longinus pushed Adeona back, repeatedly hitting it with rough attacks.*

Athena: Adeona!! Get out of there!!

*Adeona escaped and started gaining speed too*

Athena: Get in there! Take Longinus down!!

*Adeona landed a devastating attack which blew Longinus across the stadium*

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