Chapter 29: Clash Of Fate! The League Begins!

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Elaina = Athenas Mother. Remember that 


*it was morning and Athena held her phone in her hand as she pulled up her contacts, her only contacts was Shu, Fubuki and a person named Elaina, who was Athenas MOTHER, Shu was preparing breakfast as Athena waited for her mom to pick up*

Athena: Do I really need to speak to her?

Shu: You're the one who suggested it.

*Athenas mother finally picked up and she appeared on the screen*

Athena: Hey mom! Wait- why are you on a plane?

Elaina: Hey sweetie, Im coming to visit!


Elaina: You actually think id pass up the opportunity to watch my sweet kids battling in the league. Im literally halfway there! Also why are you undressed?

Athena: You know I sleep without clothes when i dont have my night gown.

Elaina: You mean the one you forgot to pack because I have it with me.

Athena: Oh thank goodness.. Yeah I guess I did forget..

Elaina: I got to go sweetie! I'll see you soon. Love you!

Athena: Bye mom! Love you more!

*Athena hung up and she ate her breakfast that Shu prepared and she went and got dressed, a few minutes later they leave and head to the arena. When they get there, Hikaru and Hyuga were waiting and they ran up and tackled Athena in a hug*

Hyuga/Hikaru: ATHENA!!! We missed you!!

Athena: Oh hey guys.. Hehe, i missed ya too..

Hyuga: Im so excited for the league! Are you?

Athena: Yeah, its definitely gonna be so much fun!

Hikaru: Helios and I will definitely crush you both!

Athena: *giggles* Yeah, we should probably be going. We dont want to be late.

*they head inside as Announcer Hanami got in his pressbox, the first match was officially about to begin*

Hanami: Ok boys and girls, The Legend League starts now!! The first match will be: Our World Champion, Aiga Akaba and the Sun God himself, Hikaru Asahi!!!

Aiga: Alright! Lets make this short and sweet!!

Hikaru: Lets do this!!

*the Double Storm Stadium powers up as the 2 plates start spinning rapidly*

Referee: First Battle!! Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Achilles and Helios land in the stadium, Helios heads into the R Plate and gains a big boost of speed*

Hikaru: Yeah, thats it Helios! Get as much spin as you can!

Aiga: Attack, Achilles!

*Achilles and Helios clashed back and forth, not giving an inch*

Athena: *thinks* they definitely look like they've gotten stronger..

Hyuga: GO HIKARU!!!

Hikaru: Go Helios!

Hikaru: Go Helios!

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