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"You already know my stance on it and I'm not budging

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"You already know my stance on it and I'm not budging. This is the only method I trust to ensure you don't wind up with some gold digger whose going to ruin your life. This company assures that you're marrying a woman with a comparable net worth and they take care of the full wedding planning. You get a full background check and you know you're marrying a woman with equal drive. You marry these women with nothing to their name and then they start cheating because you're always working and they're bored. Look at me - I'm not on wife number five for the fun of it." Ethan zoned in and out as his grandfather continued to praise this matchmaking service. He was starting to believe that his grandfather had personal assets in this company the way he promoted it.

Ethan wasn't against having to settle down. In his eyes he'd already already had his wild days through his teens and twenties. At thirty years old he was ready for the next step in life - just not with a stranger. He knew the service wasn't a scam because all of his cousins are now happily married as a result of this company. The only thing he noticed about a couple of his cousin's wives was that they weren't the nicest on the eyes. For him, love will never be strong enough to stay with someone he isn't physically attracted to.

"I'll try them out. No promises though."

"It's a guarantee, boy. I'll be damned if you waist my money. Ms. White is going to make sure you get a wife you're happy with. The way that young lady runs that company will always amaze me. Head over there now. Late and Christensen don't go together." Ethan shook his head at his grandfather and stood up, making his way towards the door of the office.

"I love you, Pops. I'll let you know how it all goes." He shot a head nod to his grandfather and walked out.

Ethan couldn't help but to think about his grandfather as he made his way to the matchmaking agency. After going through four wives and having pay out divorce settlements each time due to the income difference, James decided to take a gamble on a new matchmaking service he'd heard about from one of his business partners. Being introduced to his current wife was enough for him to encourage everyone he knew to ditch the traditional way of marriage.

Ethan could agree that he'd never seen his grandfather as happy as he's been the few years that he's been with his wife. It's had a positive effect on his relationship with the family and even the success of the family's company. He could tell that his grandfather didn't feel as pressured to work around the clock because his wife was able to contribute to the lifestyle as well. For this sole reason he'd agree to try out the service, but he'd do anything to make sure it's on his terms. As open as he was to the service, he still would never marry a woman he couldn't see beforehand.

"Welcome Mr. Christensen. We've been awaiting your arrival. Before you meet with your matchmaker we ask that you please sign the non disclosure agreement. Please take your time with reading it in full." The receptionist greeted Ethan while motioning to the iPad where the standard NDA was displayed.

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