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"Yes, I'm still interested in the job," I was on my way to the park because it's the only semi fun thing that was free when I got a phone call from Bruce.
"Good, because you start Monday. We can talk about hours when you get there at eight." Bruce informed. "Dick."

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Oh, sorry. My oldest son's name is Richard, he goes by Dick. You won't have to watch him, he's an adult." Said Bruce, then said to someone on his side. "Get off the couch."

"Okay, I will be there on Monday." I wanted to scream, I was so excited. I could finally start building up my savings to go to college. Sure I would go to New Rome and get my college education, but I wanted a normal life. A chance at settling down in the mortal world and getting a job outside the boundaries of camp.

"See you then." Mr. Wayne hung up.

"Thank you, fates." I whispered under my breath.

After walking around the park for a few hours I decided to head home, it was starting to get dark and even I knew that Gotham is dangerous when it's dark. After checking my wallet to find a crumpled ten, I decided to go to the nearest fast food restaurant which happened to be a Burger King. As I waited in line I saw a TV monitor showing Batman and the newest Robin. Something about how they put Joker in jail for the twentieth time. Batman has stopped the joker in his tracks before he could destroy the whole city. What I didn't understand is why they couldn't just keep him in jail. After I ordered I got my bag of food and my drink, then walked out. As I was walking trying to eat a few fries since I hadn't eaten in a few days due to the lack of food, water and money that I have, I was pulled into an alley. The food was knocked out of my hands as I was pushed up against the wall. "Aren't you a pretty one?"

"My food! That cost me six bucks you asshole!" I kneed him between the legs and threw him off me. One of the guys behind him that I didn't notice, grabbed my wrist and shoved me against the wall again.

"Let me go!" I grabbed the thug's wrist and and kicked him away.

The guy before and a third guy grinned at me. "We like them feisty."

"Yeah, well, I don't like pervs!" I remark, trying to kick the first man but the third man grabbed it.

"Calm down, babe." The third man whispered.

I had no idea what to do, I didn't want to show off my demigod skills but I didn't want to be a victim to this man. I thrashed and decided the mist will cover it up. "Let me go!"

"You heard her." Said a figure as he dropped down from the top of the building. "Let go."

The third man was the only one smart enough to let go. The second man threw a punch but the mystery man caught it easily. The mystery man was dressed in all black with a strip of blue on his chest and went to his collar bones. He had a domino mask with black ebony hair. The man dressed in spandex kicked the man into the wall and started to attack the third man. With the first man being surprised, I was able to elbow him. When he groaned and folded in half, I kicked him in the face. "Ahh, you bitch!"

I snarled, as the blue striped man punched his lights out. "Watch your language."

"Ma'am, are you alright?" The vigilante asked.

I ignore him for the time being and inspected my food which landed in a puddle. "No."

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He stepped forward and eyed me up and down.

"That costed me $6.95." I whine.

I could practically hear the man groan in annoyance. "But you're fine physically?"

"Yeah, thanks for saving me." I call as I start walking out of the alley way. Since it costs me more than half of my ten dollars I couldn't get it again.

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