Chapter 2

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"Come on Sumi!" The little boy said to Katsumi. 

"Ok I'm coming Uta!" She replied. 

As the two ran upstairs Eijiro, Izuku, and Ochaco went into the kitchen in silence. Once they sat at the table Izuku broke the silence, "I can't believe it's been two years since Y/N and Kacchan died..." 

The three heroes then began to silently sob as they remembered today was the 2 year anniversary of their final battle. 

"I know Izuku, I miss them so much. They were practically family... Y/N was like my sister." Ochaco replied. 

Izuku pulled her into his chest as she silently cried. Y/N and Ochaco were very close, some would say inseparable ever since they met in U.A. 

"I know... Bakugou was my best friend. Even though he never admitted it, he always looked out for me. For us. Now we have little Katsumi." Eijiro said. 

"Yeah,  you're right. She looks more like her father every day..." Ochaco said. 

"Yeah... hey Kirishima, has Katsumi developed her quirk yet?" Izuku questioned. 

"Yes actually, she may look like her dad but she's got her mother's quirk. Water manipulation." He said while smiling with tears in his eyes. All three were over-joyed that little Katsumi had a part of her mother with her. 

Upstairs Katsumi and Uta were playing with his toys. Uta, a little boy who looks exactly like his father only difference is he has Ochaco's pink cheeks and of course her quirk. 

"Sumi! Have you gotten your quirk yet? I got mine already" The little boy said proudly while giving her a toy. 

"Yeah, I have! Lookie!" She said as she floated the water from her cup. 

"Hey, Katsumi! We gotta go to your grandparent's" SPLASH! She dropped the water over Uta's head after being startled by Eijiro. 

"Sorry sorry Uta." She said while trying not to laugh at the green-haired boy who now was drenched in water. 

"Coming Uncle Eijiro! Bye Uta! I'll see you at school!" The little girl said as she skipped out of his room leaving the boy all wet. 

Timeskip 10 years.

"God, every time I walk past that statue I'm reminded of what I lost," Katsumi mumbled under her breath as she passed the memorial of Pro-Heroes Tide and Dynamight, her parents. 

"Hey, it's okay. I know they're proud of you." Uta came up from behind her and gave her a big hug. 

"Thanks Uta... I just wish they were here before I start U.A." she said as she buried her face into his chest. 

"Anytime Sumi. I'm always here for you." He replied. 

The two were now all grown up and were going to be first years at U.A. Katsumi grew up as strong and confident as her father and as caring, calm, and assertive as her mother. However, she did have a temper like her father. However, unlike him, she managed to keep calm and level-headed. That was until someone decided to mess with Uta. 

Uta was more passive like his father, but he was as caring as his parents. He even had Izuku's signature smile. The two became inseparable since their mothers were like sisters and their fathers... well they had their special relationship. Ochaco and Izuku were like her parents, same with Eijiro. Eijiro was practically her father. Growing up he trained her to be the powerful girl she is today. Uta admires her and her strong will. 

"Hey Uta! how about we go train in the woods today. Ya know to get stronger before U.A." Katsumi asked the boy. 

"Sure let's go. How's right now since we got nothing to do." Uta replied laying on the floor of her bedroom. 

"Sure! I'll race you! Loser has to buy the winner food." Katsumi replied with a smirk. 

"Be prepared to order me some mochi then Sumi because you're about to go down" Uta replied activating his quirk making him float into the air. 

"Hey! No fair you got a head start!" She yelled after him as she activated her quirk creating a wave propelling her into the air.

"Ha! I win!" Katsumi said sticking her tongue out and holding an L to her forehead at Uta. 

"No fair! You crashed your stupid wave over me!" The boy said while shaking the water out of his ears. 

"All's fair in love and war." Katsumi proudly replied. 

"Hey Uta... Who's over in the bushes?" She whispered to him trying not to act suspicious. 

"I don't know... But I think they're moving..." He said as he noticed the person in the bush move. 

"SUMI! WATCH OUT!" Uta yelled as he pushed her to the ground.

Authors Note: 

Thank you all so much for the support!! I hope yall like this chapter!! I love writing this story! I'll post more soon... maybe even today... Anyways thank you all so much.

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