Chapter 31: The Fall of Captain America

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I feel like icing him a hundred times over. Man, I just sounded like the freaking Godfather. No, maybe I'll change from ice. That's what he'd expect. Fire would shake things up a bit. Ah yes, a Fourth of July barbeque sounds very good right about now.

"I'm sorry but—" I don't even allow him to speak another word.

"Okay just because I go MIA doesn't mean you do! You actually have people who give a rat's ass about you and care for you, a damn team! I don't! It's different if I just up and vanish! You can't do that kind of crap!"


"No! I'm ranting! You let me finish! You're a freaking hero. People look up to you. You can't just try and get drunk in some run down, crappy motel room somewhere and expect everything to be fine! What the hell are you even doing in a freaking comic convention—"


I pause. "Whoa... I thought you couldn't get drunk. Are you taking drugs? Please don't say you're taking ice because that would be stupidly ironic—"

"No, I mean I'm a freaking cosplayer!" The apparent 'non-Captain-America' stresses, taking off his head piece to show a man with ruffled dark brown hair, slight stubble along his jaw and cheeks as well as unnerving hazel eyes.

I repetitively blink. "Oh.... Sorry."

"But he is here."

That's twice in the past 30 seconds where my mind has stopped functioning completely. Now I know how Johnny feels all day every day.


The guy's lip twitches up. "The real Captain America. He's in Panel 3. A bunch of SHIELD agents are trying to get him off the stage in at the moment. He's explained about his metabolism and how it's like the Flash's so he burns through the alcohol in split seconds instead of getting drunk. He's acting drunk though, so my guess is that he's sleep deprived."

A sharp exhale escapes my lips. "Yep. They're about to witness a Fourth of July barbeque."

The man appears both amused and mortified at the proposition, yet he doesn't get another input for I've already stalked down the hall in the direction of Panel 3. I don't fail to notice the sound of his impending footsteps following me though, as he half jogs to catch up with me. As I walk and he lightly jogs, I partially rudely ask "Why are you following me?"

If he heard the surly attitude to my tone, he didn't show it. "Why? I wouldn't pass an opportunity to see a super hero get his ass kicked. You're a badass girl. Even though you and him are all Hollywood is talking about right now—"

I snort. "Ugh, please don't remind me."

"—it will still be funny to see the look on his face when you walk in. The media and news make you out to be this sinister, sardonic, evil—"

"They're not too far off."

"—and treacherous human being but everyone still 'ships' you two anyway. My sister doesn't shut up about you two actually." The man continues to follow me, and while it is quite irritating, it is also slightly amusing.

Trying another scare tactic as I storm, I threaten "I'll unleash my Hulk on you."

I hear and entertained snort come from him. "You mean Emerald Giant? He's here too."

I pause for a brief moment, the colour draining from my face. "a) Emerald Giant sounds like a Tony Stark nickname and b) He's here too?"

He catches up, barely out of breath. "Yeah, all the Avengers and Fantastic Four are. Invisible Woman was yelling at the Human Torch before, apparently he's been absent for a while as well."

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