Chapter 26: Music to my Ears

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Okay so I want to start off with an A/N cuz this chapter is a bit.... well it's my first time writing stuff like this and even though it's not too detailed and not a lot happens I still want to warn young readers that torture is involved so if you don't particualry like stuff like that then skip over those parts but there's still a bit of important info in this so I advise you read bits of it.

I hope you enjoy and that's all for now, Bye! :) xxx

Lillian's POV

"I am going to ask you this again. Where. Is. Simon. Zackery?" The HYDRA agent strapped, bloodied and bruised in the chair before me merely offers me a dark chuckle, just like he had been doing the past two hours. Leaning as far forward as he can in the chair, he bares his crimson stained and gnarly teeth in a twisted and wicked grin, the gesture appearing anything but decent and welcoming.

"You really think that I know? Do you really think that he would tell a lower class agent like me of his position?"

"I've already interrogated almost every single one of his higher class agents, none know of his position. So, I decided to get personal. While you may be of a lower status, you are still assigned to his very own squad of scaly bastards so I am going to ask you again. Where.... IS HE?!?!" I feel a nefarious satisfaction when he flinches at my outburst, my hand hovering over the table of abominable tools.

"Go to hell," he spits with venom, a few splatters of blood landing on my shredded black jeans. My head slowly looks down to meet the unwelcome sight, the stain undoubtedly going to take a lot of work to wash out. "Been there done that and I really liked these jeans," I sigh, my hand without hesitation gripping the cool metallic silver blade dipped in Nightshade venom. "Nightshade... quite a potent poison."

"I thought Nightshade was a knock out serum?" The HYDRA agent's shaky voice inquires, his eyes darting between the blade and my own with a flicker of pure fear. I nod, lingering towards him with prolonged and tentative footsteps, his fear building each time my cladded combat boots make contact with the ageing concrete floor. "You're right, Nightshade is quite a good knock out serum.... With the correct dosage that is. If, you however exceed that very specific dosage, it becomes a very lethal and fatal poison. The lethal thing about it is that it kills you very, very slowly. Not to mention the side effects, some including hallucinations, nausea, the inability to differentiate reality to things that are not real, vital organs slowly start shutting down and infecting other body parts.... Oh, and the occasional headache or cold sweat." I offer an innocent grin at the end, finally coming to a stop in front of him.

"Not to mention it's incurable. I made sure of that myself." I observe his Adam's apple bop up and down in anxiety and alarm, his restraints beginning to tighten as he attempts to pull away as far as he can, his knuckles as white as ivory as his fists clench, his nails most likely drawing blood in his palms. "I am only going to try this one more time so you better represent or you're going to be wishing that I handed you back over to Zackery so he could take care of you instead. Where is Simon Zackery and what does he have planned?"

The silence that follows only begins to irritate me more, causing to me say "You know, I was really hoping I didn't have to go to the effort of tracking and trapping yet another one of your pals, so maybe... I could pay your family a visit." Within seconds, his pupils shrink back in the purest fear I have witnessed in a while, the struggling in his restraints rapidly increasing. "You leave them out of this—"

"You want me to leave your family out of this? The way that Simon left my family out of this? The way he left Ally out of this? You don't realise it yet, don't you? He's playing every single one of you damn it! As soon as you step out of line, he drags you to the front yard and sticks a bullet in your head! I screw up once, once, and all of a sudden I'm on his number one kill list? Buddy, I've done my research on you and if he knew about all the times you've screwed up—"

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